Four Trees

It is March, which means warm weather is right around the corner. Right? Please tell me spring is coming? We are bracing ourselves for another snowstorm today. I sincerely hope it will be the last one this winter. And, speaking of warmer weather, here is my latest finish:

Gingerbread Needle Case, designed by Just Nan

Gingerbread Needle Case, designed by Just Nan

It is Just Nan’s Gingerbread Needle Case, which is a design exclusive to ABC Stitch Therapy. And, as you can see, it has nothing to do with warmer weather. I am convinced that winter will never end.

The kit includes the fabric, ribbon, beads and enamelled frame embellishment.

Gingerbread Needle Case - beads, frame, and ribbon

Gingerbread Needle Case – beads, frame, and ribbon

I stitched it as per the chart. I’m debating whether I am going to finish it as a needle case (because I don’t really need another one of those), or if I will finish it as an ornament. What do you think? Is it too fancy to be an ornament, or do you think it would look lovely hanging on a Christmas tree?

Gingerbread Needle Case - centre

Gingerbread Needle Case – centre

Smalls SAL Update: Don’t forget, the link list of this month closes at midnight my time on March 4th. That is tomorrow! Be sure to get your link in before than to earn one entry to the end of the year draw. March’s check in will be on the 25th.

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Big and Little Socks

Some time before Christmas, the little man mentioned that he would really like it if I would knit him a pair of socks. Stitchy friends, I nearly cried! My little boy likes what I do! He wants me to make him something! Yay! Of course, just before Christmas is probably the worst time to ask a crafty person to make something. So, he was patient. Then, the day came when I opened one of my sock yarn drawers and let him pick out the yarn he liked–Mary Maxim Bamboo Soft Stripes in colourway Spring Rain, which he likes because it as close to a rainbow as I have. I paired the yarn with a simple pattern (Riblet Socks designed by Katt Walker), and got knitting.

Riblet Socks, designed by Katt Walker

Riblet Socks, designed by Katt Walker

I also knit up a pair of socks for me; another pair from Cookie A’s Knit. Sock. Love. The pattern is BFF, and the yarn is Dye-Versions Bamboo Stretch Sock in colourway Candy Apple. The yarn has a bit of a fluffy texture that I didn’t think was going to work with the cable pattern, but it actually turned out quite nice. They are very soft and squish and feel great on my frozen toes. (When will the weather ever warm up!?)

BFF, designed by Cookie A

BFF, designed by Cookie A

Very soon I will be starting Sock Madness, which, you may remember, is a sock speed knitting competition. I don’t expect to make it beyond round 3 given my continued problems with my hand and elbow. But, I know I will still enjoy myself and I can’t wait to get knitting!

Do you take part in Sock Madness, or you have you ever taken part in a speed knitting or stitching competition? I’d love to hear about it.

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Smalls SAL 2015 – February Check-In

It is Smalls time again! February may be the shortest month, but here in the northern hemisphere it is often the coldest month, which means lots of indoor time for stitching. And, while I was thinking about Christmas last month, this month my thoughts turned to Halloween. Truthfully, I’m tired of the snow, and I wanted to stitch something do to with a holiday I love.

Love Halloween, designed by Mill Hill

Love Halloween, designed by Mill Hill

The design is Love Halloween from Mill Hill’s I Love Charmed Ornament series. I stitched it with the provided threads as per the chart.

2015SmallsSALSo, what did you stitch this month? Add you link to the list below, and please be sure to stop by some of the other particpants’ blogs and leave some comments. The link list will remain open to new links until March 4th at 11:55pm Eastern time. Please be sure to enter you link before than. And, don’t forget, for every month you share a link to your finished project, you get one entry into my end of the year draw. (If you’d like to donate to the prize, please send me an email!)

March Check-In: Next month’s check-in will take place on March 25th. If you’d like a reminder email, head over to this page and scroll down to the “Need a Reminder” section.

Thank you again for taking part in the Smalls SAL. I can’t wait to see what you have stitched!

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Since I was sick so often this month, I really wasn’t able to concentrate well enough to do much stitching or knitting. But, on my good days, I did find some time to do a few crafty things.

Loopy 4 You earrings, designed by Lady Bug Beads

Loopy 4 You earrings, designed by Lady Bug Beads

With some help from my mom (e.g. she did all of the wire wrapping for me), I made these cute heart earrings. They are from the kit Loopy 4 You Earrings from Art Beads. And, other than the wire wrapping (which I will learn one day!), they were super simple to put together. I did switch out the hooks for silver lever backs.

Chain maille earrings

Chain maille earrings

I also made a couple of pairs of chain maille earrings. The come from the book Creative Chain Mail Jewelry. These were super simple projects, and I used basic aluminum rings and silver hooks (to be good to my ears). I’ve also been playing around with some of the other designs in the book, but before I go to far with them, I’d like to get some beads and bracelet clasps.

Smalls SAL: Don’t forget, tomorrow is Smalls check-in day! I can’t wait to see what you have stitched.

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Stitch from Stash 2015 – February Check-In

It has been a difficult month. Snow, cold, endlessly sick. I’ve spent more time in bed this month than I would ever like to do again. But, I’m on the mend and back to posting! Yay!

Stitch from Stash 2015AAnd, it looks like I’m back just in time for the Stitch from Stash check-in. Given that I spent a good part of the month in bed asleep, I’m sure you aren’t surprised that my monthly totals look like this:

Month: February
Spent: $0
Earned: not tracking, but most likely $0

Yep, I didn’t buy anything. I nearly took advantage of a Knit Picks sale on Brava, and nearly bought some supplies from Art Beads. But, in the end, I spent nothing on craft supplies this month. Amazing!

What little stitching time I had this month I spent on stitching my small (check-in day is Wednesday!) or working on the Santa’s Journey Stocking. It is coming along pretty well, I think.

Santa's Journey Stocking, designed by Dimensions (WIP)

Santa’s Journey Stocking, designed by Dimensions (WIP)

Hopefully I can get much more done next month, and continue being very fiscally responsible when it comes to craft supplies. ;)

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Sewing PJs

Unfortunately, I have broken my sewing machine again… I finished up a couple of big projects and decided to change the needle. Well, I didn’t tighten the screw enough, and the needle popped out and punched holes in my bobbin case. :/

Poor, perforated bobbin case.

Poor, perforated bobbin case.

So, I won’t be sewing for a little while. But, at least I was able to finish up some PJ pants for the little man before the disaster happened.

A pile of pj bottoms

A pile of pj bottoms

I used some light flannel, which is nearly always on sale at Fabricland for as low as $3 or $4/metre. The pattern is Simplicity 3669, which includes several different tops as well. But, when there is a sale, I can get plain white tops for as low as $3, so I figured my time was better spent sewing up the bottoms since they work up so quickly. I do the seams on my serger, and then finish up the hems and zipper casing/waistband on my sewing machine.

pjlabelI added cute little tags to the back of the waist to help the little man make sure they go on the right way.

pjhemAnd I made extra deep hems since he seems to be growing taller much quicker than he is growing wider. I’ll pick these out in the fall and let them down, and we should get another winter out of all four pairs.

Do you sew pjs, or any clothes, for yourself or someone else? I’d love to know.

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Trillium Finish

Oh, goodness. I think it will be a long time before I use Kreinik ribbon on canvas again. Still, the finished project is totally worth it.

Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott

Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott

The design is Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott for the fall 2014 Creativ Festival. It is just lovely, with a great mix of fibres and beads that really bring the flower to life. I’m very pleased with the finished piece.

Trillium petals and ribbon "soil"

Trillium petals and ribbon “soil”

I haven’t decided how I’m going to finish it. Perhaps as a pillow, or maybe as a panel on a bag.

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