Smalls SAL – June 2017 Check-In

Hello, Small Stitchers! What’s this? The post is up on time (at least for my time zone) and the reminder email is due to go out soon. I managed to pull myself together this month! School just finished up yesterday and the lazy days of summer are finally here so there really was no excuse. 😉

This month I stitched up a little kit that I got as a freebie from my LNS. The design has the lovely name of PM1214 and is from Luca-S. The kit included the floss fabric, and the twine. I finished it up and stuffed it with some fibre fill and some dried lavender.

Luca-S Sachet Kit

The quality of the materials is really nice. The fabric is quite thick, and the floss is from Anchor (I think). I totally want to stitch more things from them, like maybe one of their handbags or blouses(!).

So, what did you stitch this month? Are you working on flowers or flipflops or other summery designs, or have you gotten a head-start on Christmas or Halloween? Please leave a link to your finished small (using the post’s permalink) using the little button below. Please make sure you use a thumbnail of your finished design.

The link  list will remain open to new entries until about midnight Eastern time on July 6th. Remember: for each month that you share your finished small you get one entry into the end of the year draw.

Next Month
The next Smalls SAL check-in post will take place on Friday, July 28th.

Thank you again for taking part in the Smalls SAL. I really, really enjoy looking at all your finishes every month.





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WIP Wednesday – Longest Day Clean-Up

Hello, Stitchy Friends! Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is the first day of summer, finally. And that means it is the longest day of the year. Well, Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching had the wonderful idea of doing a Longest Day SAL where she would spend time working on each of her UFOs throughout the day. (You can read all about it here.) She held the SAL yesterday (so the day before the longest day), and I joined in in my own little way.

So many WIPs. This is going to take a while.

You see, I have way too many UFOs to work on all of them in one day. Assuming I had about eight hours of free time to work on them, I could have spent about 15 minutes per UFO… So, instead I decided it would be a good idea to sort through my UFOs.

I declare these finished! Sure, they aren’t stitched totally as charted, but I like them the way they are.

It is a bit humbling and a bit depressing to see them all spread across the living room floor. The oldest one dates back 20 years, and the newest was started last month and has just a couple of stitches in it. Some of them seemed so important or special when I started them, but then somehow they just weren’t anymore.

Stuff to put away. It’s okay to give up on projects.

I put on my big girl panties and made some tough choices. That really old UFO, TW’s Magical Night, went into the bin (it was tangled up in some bad memories and it was stitched on fabric that didn’t have a square weave. Ugh!). It was joined by a few others. A couple of started kits ended up in my “to sell” pile, but if no one wants them they will go too, and a few other projects were picked apart and all the pieces put away.

Good bye old projects!

I also took time to update the Google spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my UFOs. According to my records I’m now down to 63 UFOs. 🙁 Don’t ask about the number of things I have kitted up and not started, or all the charts I have.

Clearly, I need to have a longest day every day and spend way more time stitching!

What does your WIPs collection look like? Could your stash do with a good clean out? Let me know I’m not alone. 😉


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Lacy Rainbow

My goodness, have we ever had tons and tons of rain over the past month and a half. It seems like I need to grab the umbrella every time I leave the house, even if the sun is out. And, you’d think with all the changeable weather–brilliant sun one minute and a heavy downpour the next–that I would have seen at least one rainbow.

I haven’t. 🙁

Edlothia Shawl, designed by Jasmin Räsänen

So, I’m making one for myself! I’m using a newer yarn from Scheepjes called Whirl. Each ball is made up of several different colours, most named for sweet threats, that gently shade into each other. The yarn reminds me a lot of Wolle’s Color Changing Yarn, but the Whirl is a bit thicker and more tightly plied together.

I’m crocheting myself an Edlothia shawl using the colourway Popping Candy. While it isn’t a true rainbow (you’ll want Cotton Candy Man or Jumpin Jelly for that), it is close enough for me.

Edlothia Shawl, designed by Jasmin Räsänen — close-up of parts 1 and 2

The yarn is a 60% cotton/40% acrylic blend with thread-like plies twisted together. Because this this, the yarn is very splity, but it crochets up very nicely with just a little bit of care and attention.

The pattern, Edlothia, was designed by Jasmin Räsänen and is available for free on Ravelry. Be sure you click through and see how beautiful it is. The pattern has both written and charted directions. I’m trying to improve my skill in reading crochet charts, so I’m doing my best to work from the chart and only using the written directions when I get stuck or confused (which is a fair bit…).

Edlothia Shawl and project bag from Bling Your String

I absolutely want to have this shawl all done by October (we are going on another cruise! Yay!), but I’m not going to rush it. Figuring out how to read charts well is my main goal, but having a beautiful shawl when I am done is a great bonus. 😉

So, knitters and crocheters, do you work from charts, written directions, or both? When I knit I tend to prefer charts, if they are available, but I can work from both. Crochet charts still confuse me, especially circular ones. Leave a comment and let me know!

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I’m Nuts About Squares!

Hello, Stitch Friends! I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been stitching less than usual due to other projects, and today I thought I would share some of the progress I’ve made on the largest one: the Nuts About Squares Crochet-Along from Esther of It’s all in a Nutshell. Esther has teamed up with eleven fabulous crochet designers to bring together an afghan of 35 squares. She came up with three different colourways, each using a different type of Scheepjes yarn.

Nuts About Squares – Week 1 – Esme’s Winter Cottage

Because I absolutely needed to add a giant agfhan to my to-do pile (yeah, right!), I decided to join in. I’m using the Nuts About the Sea colourway, which uses Scheepjes’ Colour Crafter yarn, a super soft and fluffy DK weight acrylic. The colours are bright and cheerful, and they definitely remind me of the sea. (You can check out the kit here at Wool Warehouse.)

Nuts About Squares – Week 2 – Spiro Star

I’ve fallen a bit behind (surprise, surprise) as we are now up to week 11 but I’ve only completed the squares through week 7 (actually, that’s not even true since I’ve only done one of the three squares for week 4).

Nuts About Squares – Week 3 – Denna

Each week we have been given one or two new patterns to crochet. Every week we complete three squares (except for week 10, which is only two squares). We will then be given the instructions for joining the squares and for completing the border.

Nuts About Squares – Week 4 – Le Vesinet Square

I’m doing my best to get caught up as I don’t want this to become a giant UFO. Depending on the difficulty of the pattern, it takes me about two days to crochet the three squares.

Nuts About Squares – Week 5 – Rachel

New patterns come out every Thursday, so it seems like every time I start to make progress a new pattern is released! 🙁

Nuts About Squares – Week 6 – Bavarian Beauty

If you’d like to learn more about this CAL, head over to It’s all in a Nutshell. Esther has a fabulous introductory post and weekly posts for each pattern. She also has filmed incredibly helpful videos for every pattern. Esther is awesome! And I sincerely hope she knows how wonderful she is and how much we all appreciate her. Check out her YouTube channel for tons of helpful crochet videos.

Nuts About Squares – Week 7 – Fantastic!





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WIP Wednesday – What Day Is It? Edition

Hello, my lovely stitchy friends! It seems that WIP Wednesday has come and gone yet again without me posting. I had pictures taken and a plan, but I was laid low by a migraine that came out of nowhere. 🙁 The best laid plans, etc. That’s why we shouldn’t procrastinate! If I had posted my pictures right after I had taken them, rather than waiting for later in the day, I could be posting about something else today.

Enchanted Ornaments Stocking, from Dimensions

Now that I’ve finished up O Canada! Sampler, I’ve got more time to dedicate to my Christmas stocking. I’m stitching Enchanted Ornaments from Dimensions for myself. See, I’ve even got my name on it already. Once it is complete, I’ll just have my husband’s left to complete and I can stop feeling weird and guilty for no reason. (Funny how arbitrary goals we set for ourselves can be guilt inducing, eh?)

Hygge Shawl, designed by Kirsten Ballering of Haak Maar Raak

I’ve pretty much stalled on my Hygge Shawl. All the pieces have now been released, but I’m stuck working on the centre panel. I’m not sure why, since I absolutely love it. (I even have a second colourway to work on later thanks to a very generous birthday gift.)

With the warm weather finally here I’m finding it harder on concentrate on my stitching. I want to go for walks, ride my bike, and enjoy the warmth. Before we know it, the cool fall winds will be blowing again. Hopefully, though, I’ll have my Hygge Shawl done by then!

Get out and enjoy the weather!


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Smalls SAL – May 2017 Check-In

Hello Smalls Stitchers! First, I’d like to apologize for getting this post up just a little bit late. It is around noon my time on check-in day, but I know for some of you it is already tomorrow! To be totally honest, I forgot it was the last Friday of the month. Where has May gone?

I’ve had another month where I haven’t stitched too month. I’ve gardened, read some good books, and spent some time outdoors. My poor stitching has languished! Thankfully, though, I did get my small done.

Merry Santa Kit, designed by Lizzie*Kate

This is Merry Santa Kit from Lizzie*Kate, a limited edition kit from 2015 (I think…). The kit included the linen, finishing fabric, and embellishments. I still need to add the buttons and little bell, and sew it all up into a bag, but the stitching is complete. I used DMC rather than overdyed thread since, honestly, I don’t want to buy eight skeins of fancy floss that I will only need a length or two from. 😉

My plan is to have him sewn up into a bag by earlier next week, and I will share him again when he is all done.

So, what did you stitch this month? Please head down towards the bottom of this post to add your link to the list. Please be sure to use the permalink for your blog post and a picture of your small as your thumbnail. If you run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to email me. I’m always happy to help out.

The link list will remain open to new entries until about midnight Eastern time on Friday, June 2nd. Update: The list will stay open until midnight Eastern on June 8th. So, you still have lots of time to add your link even if you aren’t quite finished yet. Remember: for each month that you share a finished small, you get one entry into the end of the year draw.

Next Month: The next Smalls SAL check-in will take place on Friday, June 30th. See you then!

Thanks again, very much, for stitching smalls along with me! I can’t wait to see what you’ve stitched.


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Sesquicentennial Finish

It is so wonderful when something gets done on time. And it is even better when it is done early! I put the last stitch into my O Canada! Sampler this weekend, and I am so happy with how it turned out.

O Canada! Sampler, designed by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler

I love this design so much! It was originally released by Thea Dueck through her first company, Lamplight Designs, back in 1992 for Canada’s 125th birthday. She included many Canadian symbols, like our Parliament/House of Commons building (aka the main home of our federal government), a Canada Goose, a beaver, grain (for our prairies), and snow (for the arctic). The words around the Parliament Building come from our national anthem (called O Canada), and the Latin words at the bottom are Canada’s motto. It is official translated as “From Sea to Sea” and “D’un océan à l’autre.”

O Canada! Sampler, designed by Victoria Sampler

The two crowns at the bottom represent our ties to the Queen Elizabeth. One of her many titles is Queen of Canada, so while we many refer to her and her family in general as the British Royal Family, thy are in fact also the Canadian Royal Family. She is technically the employer of all government officials and staff. The Queen also approves all federal laws, which is done through her representative, the Governor General of Canada. She is represented at the provincial level by lieutenant governors. In practise, these officials approve all bills presented to them (but first they must pass vigorous debates and voting by elected officials), paving the way for them to become laws.

O Canada! Sampler, designed by Victoria Sampler

I stitched the chart more or less as it was charted. Unfortunately, it called for Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss #126 – Mulled Wine which has long ago been discontinued. I used ThreadworXs #1038 – Cherry Cola, and one 5 yard skein was just enough. I also changed one of the rows of pulled stitches to a different stitch, and I left out one row just above the motto (I got the spacing wrong…). The biggest change was recharting the 125 to 150.

I’m so happy that I was able to finish this well before Canada Day! Hopefully I will get ti framed before then! 😉


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