The Husband’s Complaint

I’m not sure how it is in your home, but around here my needlework is accepted fairly well. I think the only issue my husband really has is that I continue to buy more stash when I already have a lifetime’s worth. And also that I still haven’t stitched a Chinese-style dragon for him, like I promised over 15 years ago…

Anyway, I came across this great poem today and thought that all of you would enjoy it.

The Husband’s Complaint

I’ve heard of wives too musical–too talkative–too quiet
Of scolding and of gaming wives and those too fond of riot;
But yet of all the errors I know, which to the women fall;
For ever doing fancy work, I think exceeds them all.

The other day when I went home no dinner was for me,
I asked my wife the reason; she answered, “One, two, three.”
I told her I was hungry and stamped upon the floor.
She never even looked at me, but murmured “One green more.”

If any lady comes to tea, her bag is first surveyed,
And if the pattern pleases her, a copy there is made.
She stares too at the gentleman, and when I ask her why,
Tis, “Oh my love, the pattern of his waistcoat struck my eye.”

Ah? The misery of a working wife, with fancy work run wild;
And hands that never do aught else for husband or for child;
Our clothes are rent, our bills unpaid; my house is in disorder;
And all because my lady wife has taken to embroider.

~ M. T. Morrall, A History of Needlemaking, 1852

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Sewing Set Finish

Sometimes I just don’t get around to posting things when I should. I finished this sewing set back in December. Yes, almost six months ago. I finally took a picture of it in April. Yes, a month ago. But, here it is!

Sewing Trio, designed by Heidi Boyd for Craftsy

Sewing Trio, designed by Heidi Boyd for Craftsy

This was a kit from Craftsy: Sewing Trio. It consists of a drawstring bag with exterior pockets, a little bird-shaped needle book, and a rectangular pin cushion with a small pocket. The kit is no longer available, but you can get the pattern as a workshop. (I sewed this using the instructions included in the kit. I did not buy the workshop.)

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. The fabric is bright and cheerful, and also of nice quality. The instructions were sufficient, but could have been more detailed in some areas. (I suspect that if paired with the workshop, the problem spots would have been much easier to figure out.) I think the only thing I would change would be to somehow add some weight to the pin cushion so that it feels a little more substantial.

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Babies Don’t Keep – Finished!

Yay! Finally a big(ish) finish for this year!

Vintage Baby Sampler

Vintage Baby Sampler

The design is Vintage Baby Sampler from issue 225 of World of Cross Stitching magazine. I stitched it with DMC threads on hand-dyed evenweave from Enchanting Lair. I changed the French knots on the carriage and the stitches on the vines to beads. The area for the name needed a little bit of editing so that I could fit the super cute little baby’s very long name into the space. (I’m so glad last names aren’t traditionally placed on baby samplers. It wouldn’t have fit at all!)

I’ve sent the design off with my mom to be frame, and it should make it to baby and mommy before the baby’s first birthday. Yay me for managing to get it done on time!

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Smalls SAL – May 2015 Check-In

Happy end of May! It is time for the Smalls SAL check-in! (Wondering what the Smalls SAL is? All the info you need is here.)

2015SmallsSALIf you read my post yesterday, you may have noticed that the picture I shared was missing a kit. That’s because I was saving that particular one to share today!

French Horn, designed by Mill Hill

French Horn, designed by Mill Hill

The kit is Mill Hill’s French Horn from the Holiday Harmony collection. It is stitched as per pattern with the kit contents. And, this also means I’ve now stitched three of the six designs. Yay! I have the kit for one more, and I’m sure I will break down and purchase the remaining two one day. 😉

So what did you stitch this month? A Christmas ornament? Something for Halloween? Or did you stitch something in honour of the month of May (my favourite month, btw)? Please leave your link to your blog post (not the main page of your blog) using the form below. And, please be sure to use a picture of your finish when you post your link. If you need help, feel free to contact me or check out this handy tutorial.

Also, please consider visiting some of the other participants. We all love having visitors to our blogs. 😉

The link list will close at around midnight Eastern time on June 3rd. That gives you just over a week to get your link in.

June Check-In: The next Smalls SAL check-in will take place on June 24th. That’s a bit earlier than normal, but I’m sure you will be ready. If you’d like a reminder email you can sign up for one here.

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Stitch From Stash – May 2015

First, yet another apology for not posting for a while. We had an elderly family member who was ill, and it was quite hard to concentrate on taking pictures and writing. She passed away peacefully yesterday evening, and, as much as it hurts, life must now go on without her.

Stitch from Stash 2015AMonth – May
Spent – $55
Earned – not tracking

So, Stitch From Stash. Well, I managed to go to the stitch night at my (no longer at all) LNS this month and pick up a few things I’ve been wanting to purchase: a pattern for a chair necessaire, three Mill Hill bead kits, a few skeins of fibre, and the beads to finish up the baby sampler. And, somehow, I lost the receipt… But, to the best of my recollection, I spent no more than $55. Which, yes, is over the monthly limit. However, I have enough banked to still be okay. Thank goodness!

My little shopping spree.

My little shopping spree.

Smalls SAL – Tomorrow is check-in day for the Smalls SAL! I’ve managed to finish up a little small, and I hope you have too! I can’t wait to see them all.

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Why Do You Stitch?

I just came across this cute little article (via a post from a friend on Facebook), and I think it hits most of the marks as to why it is great to cross stitch: Umpteen Great Reasons to Cross Stitch.

Okay, cross stitching isn’t really all that cheap once you really get into it. We all know that kitting up a new Mirabilia can set you back $200, and just buying a Chatelaine chart is somewhere around $40 now. Yikes! But, at its simplest level, cross stitching can be pretty inexpensive: a small kit; or maybe a free chart, a piece of Aida (cheaper if bought off the bolt at a fabric store believe it or not), and some floss.

Stitching is very easy to learn. I bet you either learned as a child from a family member or later in life from a book. And, I bet you managed to figure it out in a matter of minutes. But, like many skills, mastering cross stitch (e.g. getting your stitches to look perfectly uniform) takes patience. Speaking of patience, you need a whole lot of it to finish those gigantic designs that can take more than 400 hours. They are worth it, though, aren’t they?

So, what are your great reasons for cross stitching? Is it because you are carrying on a tradition, making gifts, or just keeping your hands and mind busy? I’d love to know!

Me? I cross stitch so I don’t hurt people. 😉

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I have finally finished my most favourite knitting project ever.

Phil the Hermit Crab

Phil the Hermit Crab

This is Phil, named after a friend’s continuous line of hermit crabs named Phil. The pattern is Hansi Singh’s Hermit Crab, and the yarn is Bernat Satin in Silk, Lavender, Teal and Crimson.



This was a super tricky pattern with lots of Kitchener Stitch, short rows and other funky things. And, to be totally honest, I set it aside for a while (umm, like a year and a half) because I was a little frustrated. But, after only about a days more work I was able to get him all put together. I even added pipe cleaners to all his limbs so he is poseable.

And, goodness, does it ever feel good to have him done! I think he looks great and I feel really accomplished for managing to pull it off! I’m also so happy to have an old UFO finished. Maybe I should dig out another old project to work on.

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