2015 Smalls SAL

2015 is nearly upon us, which means it is time to get our stitching plans in place. As you probably know, the Smalls SAL will return for 2015. The rules are super simple, the projects are small, and, best of all, it’s fun!



  1. Stitch a small every month. You get to decide what a small is for you. 50×50 stitches? 100×100 stitches? It’s up to you. You just need to be able to get it done by the check-in day. (WIPs that you complete in time for the check-in are great too!)
  2. Post a picture of your completed small (stitching done, but the actual finishing is optional) on the last Wednesday of every month.
  3. Hop over here to my blog and add a comment to the current month’s check in post to get an entry into the end of the year draw.
  4. You do not need to post a finish every month! Stitch what you can when you can, and check-in whenever you have a qualifying finish.
  5. The SAL is open to new participants all year. You can join in whenever you’d like. The more the merrier!

Also, please consider using the above graphic to link back to this page so other people can find out about the SAL and join in the fun.


The check-in dates for 2015 are as follows:

  • January 28
  • February 25
  • March 25
  • April 29
  • May 27
  • June 24
  • July 29
  • August 26
  • September 30
  • October 28
  • November 25
  • December 30

Need a Reminder?

Want to make sure you never forget a check in post? Sign up for my mailing list, and I will send out an email every month after I post up the check in post. Don’t worry, I will never sell, share, trade or otherwise abuse your email address. Heck, I’ll be doing the mailing list manually!

If you signed up for reminders for the 2014 Smalls SAL, you will need to sign up for reminders again. As I promised, I will be deleting all emails from the 2014 list as soon as I draw for the prize.

Sign Up!

Interested in joining up? Just add you link to the list below. If you can’t get the form to work, please send me an email and I will add you manually. (In the link title field please enter either your blog name or your name; it is your choice.)

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Smalls SAL – November Check-In

We’ve made it to the penultimate check-in! (I’m glad so many of you love that word as much as me.) You are all doing great, whether you’ve stitched 11 pieces with me so far, or if this is your first one. It doesn’t matter; finishing in itself is just great!

Happy Holidays!, designed by Teresa Wentzler

Happy Holidays!, designed by Teresa Wentzler

This month I stitched Happy Holidays!, designed by Teresa Wentzler (I bet you would never have guessed that). Again, I was missing a colour (what happened to the full set of DMC I used to have?!). But, I was able to find it in a kit and solider on. Yay!

What did you stitch this month? I can’t wait to see! Please leave your link in the form below, and please consider leaving a comment and visiting some of the other participants. Thanks!

2015 Smalls SAL – Yes, the Smalls SAL will be returning next year. All the details and the sign-up form will be posted on Friday.

December Check-in – The final check-in for this year will be on December 31st. Yes, New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry, I will leave the form open until January 10th. After that, I’ll close the check-in form and do the draw. I’ve put together what I think it is a pretty nice prize, and I hope the winner agrees. ;)

Don’t forget to come back on Friday to sign-up for next year!

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For the Love of Craft

I am sure that many of you are very passionate about what you do, both your work and your hobbies. This video, Below the Row by Glen Travis, explores how master coatmaker Paul and his apprentice James have dedicated themselves to creating impeccable bespoke clothing on Savile Row. It is like a love letter to careful stitches and a love of craft.

Below the Row from Glen Travis on Vimeo.

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Creativ Festival – Canvaswork

I’m sorry for yet another short absence. Between working on Christmas gifts and getting over a nasty cold, I didn’t have much to share late week. I’ve been working hard on getting projects done, but I can’t share a lot right now. But, I can share this:

Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott, WIP

Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott, WIP

This is Canvas Trillium, designed by Diane Scott and taught as a class at this fall’s Creativ Festival. It it stitched with Watercolours, DMC, and Kreinik braids and ribbon, and is just beautiful in person. I really love who the stitches catch the light to give the petals their dimension and texture.

Canvas Trillium close-up

Canvas Trillium close-up

Unfortunately, I ran out of the Kreinik ribbon for the background stitches (meant to bring to mind the dirt that the trillium grows in). I have some on order, but it will be a little while before I get it and can finish this piece.

White Trillium, Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey, obtained from Wikimedia Commons

White Trillium, Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey, obtained from Wikimedia Commons

Just a little bit about the trillium: The white trillium official flower of Ontario, the Canadian province where I live. Many, many government agencies use trillium in their name, which can be a bit confusing. ;)  The trillium grows throughout North America and Asia, and is most often found in woods and forests. It is commonly believe here that it is illegal to pick a trillium because it is our provincial flower, but in actuality it is only illegal to pick them in provincial and federal parks or to pick a very rare species of trillium, not the white trillium.

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Christmas Ornament Exchange

Christmas is just around the corner. No, really! Check your calendar. To help me get in the Christmas mood, I signed up to take part in Angela of Hooked on Stitches‘ Christmas Ornament Exchange. I’ll admit I’m a bit behind schedule and haven’t sent my ornament out yet (I still have time!), but I have received my ornament.

Tree Reindeer Ornament, designed by Its Daffy Cat, stitched by Lynda Ruth

Tree Reindeer Ornament, designed by It’s Daffy Cat, stitched by Lynda Ruth

My spoiler was Lynda Ruth of Purple Pixie Dust, and she sent me a lovely ornament featuring It’s Daffy Cat’s Tree Reindeer. She used lovely Christmas fabric on the back and fussy cut it so the picture was nicely centre.  All in all, it is a wonderful ornament and I can’t wait to hand it up.  Thanks, Lynda Ruth!

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Little Pouch

Now that I’ve got my craft room more or less organized, I’ve been working on a couple of small projects.

Mini Cosmetic Bag, designed by Quilt-a-Bag

Mini Cosmetic Bag, designed by Quilt-a-Bag

This is a mini pouch from Quilt-a-Bag, and the kit was a birthday gift from my friend Erica. You may remember that I made a larger version of this pouch a while back, and I love it. It is perfect for storing my needlework supplies, like my scissors, needle book, laying tool, and even a small tube of hand cream.

Mini Cosmetic Bag interior

Mini Cosmetic Bag interior

This smaller bag is great for storing cables and charges. I used it when I went to the Creativ Festival to corral my phone and Kobo cables and other miscellaneous pieces.

I think I need to get my hands on some more purse frames and make up a few more of these, in both sizes, since they are super useful and very cute!


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A Good Day

This has been a big year for limited edition kits. Lizzie*Kate, Just Nan, and several others have released a whole pile of them through out the year. And, I’ll admit, I’ve fallen for this false sense of scarcity and snapped up some of these kits.

Today is a Good Day, designed by Sweetheart Tree

Today is a Good Day, designed by Sweetheart Tree

This is Today is a Good Day from Sweetheart Tree. The kit includes everything you need, including fabric, floss, and beads. If you decide to pick it up (and a few shops still have it), be aware that some kits come with the bow charm that is pictured on the cover and some come with a heart, like mine did.

The finished design is pretty small, but very sweet. I’m not sure how to finish it. I’d like it to be somewhere that I can see it often, since it is a nice reminder. So, I may hunt down a frame, or maybe I will finish it on a tin.

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