Easter Baskets and Bunnies

It’s almost Thanksgiving you say? Well, clearly it is time for Easter stitching!

Easter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

My fifth and final CherryWood Design Studios’ finish is Easter Ribbons. This one, amazingly, it actually stitched as per the chart. However, I’ve yet to attach the ribbon with cross stitches because I still need to iron the fabric. I will do that part when I finish up the piece into a weighted cube. The fabric is Enchanting Lair’s Two Roses, and the threads are WDW and CC.

And that is it for the Ribbons designs for me. I’m back to working on the Lizzie*Kate mystery and furiously trying to get a pair of socks knit up in just over two weeks. Ack!

Thank you very much for all the lovely comments on these finishes. 😀 Each one means a lot to me!

Love Letters

Another finish! That makes four this month! 😀

Love Letter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

It is, just like it was last time, CherryWood Design Studios’ Love Letter Ribbons. The fabric is probably Enchanting Lair’s Parchment, 28 count Lugana (probably). The threads are as per the chart, except I substituted DMC 3371 for WDW Mascara.

I did make one change in the chart, purely for artistic reasons and not because I got the symbols mixed up. Honest. 😉 The row with the buttons should have been stitched in the dark brown (Mascara in the original), but I stitched it in the pink thread. I think it looks nice, and provides a nice balance to the helix row above the ribbon.

Last night I started on my last of the CWDS ribbon designs–Easter Ribbons. After that, I’m back to the Lizzie*Kate mystery and maybe Jeanette Douglas’s My Story Needlewbook. And, then the Creativ Festival is right around the corner! Woot!!


Thank you for all the good thoughts about the little man’s meet the teacher last week. It went very well, and I feel much better about everything. His teacher seems like a really lovely lady. And, really, to be a kindergarten teacher, you’ve got to be a really special person.

Theme-a-licious – September

What? I missed Theme-a-licious too? Really? Where has my mind gone?

So, September’s theme is Smalls. Hey! I’ve been stitching smalls all along. It’s almost like I knew what I was doing. (Don’t be fooled–I didn’t.) So, with that in mind, here is where I’m at on my latest CherryWood Design Studios’ piece.

Love Letter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

This is Love Letter Ribbons, and I’m stitching it on Enchanting Lair’s Parchment. I’ve made a couple of mistakes on it, which is why the stitching has been going a bit slow. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done in time for Valentine’s Day. I might not actually get it finished into anything by then, though. 😉 The threads are as per the chart, with the exception of using DMC 3371 for the dark brown (which is actually charted as WDW Mascara, but I liked dark brown better with my fabric).


In other news, tonight is Curriculum Night at the little man’s school (the fancy new name for “Meet the Teacher Night”). Cross your fingers that she only has good news for us. C has told us some stories of another boy punching him, and I’m hoping that it has gotten worked out and that C isn’t the instigator (it would surprise me if he was, since he tends to be one to sooth people, rather than lash out).


I’m still in the mood to stitch smalls.

Snowflake Ribbons, from Cherrywood Design Studio

My latest finish is Snowflake Ribbons by CherryWood Design Studios. It is stitched on either Enchanting Lair’s Wind or (the old) Silkweaver’s Summer Breeze. Either way, it is a 28ct. 😉 I used the listed WDW for the teal and the listed Crescent Colours for the white, but substituted DMC 3371 for the GAST Espresso Bean.

I followed the chart, or perhaps I should say I followed what the chart meant to say since the colour key was completely wrong. Thankfully, it was easy to figure out what colour was supposed to go where based on the cover picture. If you have this chart yourself, double check your colour key. It should be:

• Snowball (DMC B5200)
X Espresso Bean (DMC 3371)
o Island Breeze (DMC 597)

I contacted the designers, and apparently I was “lucky” enough to get one of the very few first runs of the chart. The vast majority of the charts out there will have the correct colour key.

I also added an extra row (two threads) in each ribbon space. I felt like the ribbon looked too squished up to the lines of Island Breeze. It might be because, even though I used the called for 28 count fabric, I picked a hand-dyed that had been washed and most likely had shrunk a little bit.

So, I’ve got two more CherryWood Design Studio ribbon designs to go. After that, I think I will work on Jeanette Douglas’ My Story Needlebook. That should get me up to the Creativ Festival, when I will be swimming in new projects again! 😀

A Parade of Pumpkins

The CherryWood Design Studios stitching continues!

Pumpkins on Parade Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

This is Pumpkin Ribbons On Parade, which I shared a little bit of earlier this week (last week?). As I said before, I believe the linen is 28ct Lugana in colourway Silvery Sky from Enchanting Lair. (I’m sure you all know how much I love fabric from Enchanting Lair!) I used a mix of DMC, GAST and WDW. The buttons and ribbon are included in the kit.

It is stitched as per the pattern (except for the substitution of some DMC), and I’m very happy with it. I think I’d like to finish it as a cube, but I’m not really sure how to do that. :/

In other news, the little man starts school full time, but only half the day, as of today. His one day of class last week was with only a few other students, and allowed him the chance to meet the teacher and see his classroom before being thrown into the deep end, as it were. Today, the big step is taking the school bus. It is about a 30 minute ride, and he has only just gotten over his car sickness. Fingers crossed I don’t get a phone call this afternoon asking me to pick up a sick little man. (So far so good!)