WIP Wednesday – Almost There

Look, I’m back! Two posts in two days. 😀 Today I’m sharing my progress on this year’s big project: Candy Cane Santa Stocking from Dimensions.

Candy Cane Santa Stocking, designed by Dimensions

Look at that! I am so close to being done! Much of the toe is actually half stitches, so that should go quickly. From there, I’ve got a lot of back stitching and then all I need to do is sew it up. I think I can manage all of that before Christmas Eve. (I’m so confident that I’m taking a bit of a break to do some Halloween stitching. Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself.)

More to come soon!

Smalls SAL – September 2018 Check-In

Oh dear… Somehow it is October already and I missed the Smalls SAL check-in day again. I am so very, very sorry. I have no excuses other than I just forgot. My project was done and waiting to be photographed, but I just kept forgetting to do it. Please accept my apologies.

So, as what is seeming to become the normal, the Smalls SAL is late again. My hope is to not let you down like this again–October’s project is being stitched already and I’ll take a picture ASAP and get the post scheduled. I really appreciate those of you who have stuck with me through all of the nonsense this year.

That said, it is time to get to this month’s smalls! Since Halloween is just around the corner, I figured it would be a good time to stitch another Halloween designs. (I mean, all year is a good time to me, but you know. 😉 )

Hazel Fun Mouse, designed by Just Nan

This month (last month) I stitched Hazel Fun Mouse, the newest Halloween mouse from Just Nan. She is stitched with DMC thread on 32 count Stone Grey Belfast linen. I finished her as per the included instructions, using the super cute witch hat included in the kit. I love these adorable little mice and I can’t wait to stitch a couple more this year for Christmas.

What did you stitch this month? Are you in an autumn sort of mood (pumpkin spice everything!) or maybe spring if you’re down under? Have you been stitching up a storm for Halloween? Or are you already at work on Christmas? I can’t wait to see! Please head down near the bottom of this post and leave a link to your finished small. And remember: for everything month you share a finished project you get one entry into the end of the year draw.

The link list will remain open to new entries until approximately midnight Eastern time on October 9th.

Next Month

The next Smalls SAL check-in will (absolutely, 100%) take place on Friday, October 26th.

Thank you again, so much, for taking part in the Smalls SAL and for your patience.

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Smalls SAL – August 2018 Check-In

Hello, Smalls Stitchers! It is check-in time again. We are just at the tail end of summer break here, so I haven’t been stitching much. I’ve been enjoying spending time with my son and trying to cherish every moment. He is growing up so fast, and I know that soon he won’t want to spend much time with silly old mom.

I know I haven’t posted much for ages and ages. Some of that is due to burnout and some is due to self-care. I promise that regular posting will resume soon, the Smalls SAL will continue into 2019, and there may even be some changes to the blog including a new look and some on-going series. Stay tuned!

Summer is my least favourite season, and August is probably my least favourite month. So, to help me get through it, I focused on my favourite holiday: Halloween! This month I stitched Witchy’s Sister Mouse from Just Nan.

Witchy’s Sister Mouse designed by Just Nan

I used DMC as per the chart but stitched her on light brown evenweave rather than the called for grey. (Believe it or not, but I don’t have any grey in my stash!) I stitched Miss Witchy way back in October 2015, so I’m sure she is happy to finally have some company.

What did you stitch this month? Are you working on Halloween or Christmas? Maybe something for back to school? I can’t wait to see. Head down towards the bottom of this post and leave a link to your finished small. For every month you share an finish you will get one entry into the end of the year draw.

The link list will remain open to new entries until about midnight Eastern time on September 7th.

Next Month

The next Smalls SAL check-in will be posted on Friday, September 28th.

Thank you again, so much, for stitching along with me. I can’t wait to see your smalls.

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I love to do needlework by hand. It is one of my favourite ways to pass the time. But, I also really enjoy using my embroidery machine. It can create effects that I don’t have the skill to do by hand.

I stitched out these two tea towels as a gift for my dad for Father’s Day. The designs are Hen Sketch Wreath and Rooster Sketch Wreath from Embroidery Library. They are stitched on some Aunt Martha’s flour sack towels using a very cheap spool of thread from SuperB.

Sketch Chickens tea towels from Embroidery Library

Check out a close-up of the hen towel. I love the sketch style.

Sketch Chickens tea towels – closeup

Because these designs are very light, and because these are towels that will (hopefully) be used, I used some lightweight tear-away stabilizer (from SuperPunch). There wasn’t any need for lots of stabilization or for a covering since these towels are nice and smooth.

Like every other Embroidery Library design I’ve made, these stitched out just lovely. I’m really looking forward to making a few towels for my own kitchen.

Smalls SAL – July 2018 Check-In

Hello, Stitchy Friends. Can you believe it? The Smalls SAL post is up on time. (I know many of you are located overseas so it seems a bit late to you, but I’m on Eastern time and it is still early Friday morning for me. 😉 )

The design I stitched this month was something that wasn’t in my little pile of projects to do. I came across in in the /r/CrossStitch subReddit, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to stitch it.

f=”http://stitchinglotus.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/I-Practise-Stitchcraft-WitchyStitcher-July-2018.jpg”> I Practise Stitchcraft, designed by WitchyStitcher[/capt

The pattern is I Practice Stitchcraft from WitchyStitcher on etsy. I made a few changes, like changing practice to practise (in Canada we spell the verb form of the work with an s most of the time, but like most Canadian-specific spelling this can vary). I also changed the needles to Kreinik, and I did long stitches for the thread bobbins (rather than the charted cross stitches).

The fibres are DMC and Kreinik and the fabric is 32ct Lugana in colourway Witches Night from Enchanting Lair.

So, what did you stitch this month? Is it Christmas in July for you? Or maybe Halloween in July? Maybe you stitched something summery, or it was time for winter designs to help you keep your mind off the heat. Head to the bottom of this post and add you link to the list.

When adding your link, please remember to link to the post where you share your finish and not to the front page of your blog. Also, please be sure to use a picture of your small as your thumbnail.

The link list will remain open to new entries until about midnight Eastern time on August 4th. And, for every month you add a link to your finished small you get an entry for the end of the year drawn.

Next Month

The next Smalls SAL check-in post will go live on Friday, August 31st.

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