I’ve felt particularly shallow lately. It’s not that I’ve been acting or thinking any different, it’s more like I am more aware of how I am and how I present myself. It’s not that I am particularly unhappy with my life. I realize that my failures and setbacks are all caused by my actions or inactions. It is more like I have come to realize that some of my problems and interests really aren’t as important as I think they are.

I think I take myself, and life, just a little to seriously. I see myself taken in by something I realize is silly or just meant to make money, like commercials and catalogues. I get annoyed at myself for my weak will. (On day two, I’ve already fallen off my diet.) I’m wondering how I can be a good and spiritual person and still have all these failings. Guilt isn’t part of Wicca though, so I need to do something. It is hard to worship joyfully when you aren’t happy with yourself.

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