Witches Weekly – Altars & Shrines

Witches’ Weekly has been updated again. Here are my answers.


Do you have an altar/shrine?
I don’t have a permanent altar or shrine, mostly out of respect for quanta’s religious beliefs. Just as having a crucifix on the wall would make me uncomfortable, me having a shrine would make him uncomfortable. Relationships are all about compromise. I do, however, have a pretty box in which I keep all my altar items. It sits on a shelf in my bedside table, and I am well aware that it is there.

If you do, what objects do you have placed on it and are any of them homemade or natural objects (ex: feathers, rocks, crystals)?
All the items in my altar box are manmade, and none have been made by me. Really, that makes me a little sad. I am working on a cross stitch piece to use as either a central picture or altar cloth. I would also like to obtain a few nice crystals, but the stores I have contacted are out of lapis. Other then that, I haven’t found any natural items that call to me. I think that the items needs to feel right. I won’t add something just so I have something handmade or natural.

If you don’t, (you can answer this if you do have one as well) do you have an area where you focus on your spirituality?
I also have a few places in the house that make me pause and reflect for a few moments. I suppose these could be seen as mini-shrines. One is the laughing Buddha on my writing desk. Although I don’t feel that Buddhism is a good mix with Wicca, there are elements that are useful–such as mindfulness or the reminder to laugh once in a while, which I see embodied in this wee Buddha. Also, my small indoor garden is a sort of shrine to nature.

How do you feel when you are settled at your altar/shrine (or area)?
I feel at peace when I set out my altar items or pause at my mini-shrines. The day seems to stop for a few moments. I is very nice.

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