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I Owe

My student loan repayment has begun again. On one hand, it feels wonderful to finally be making payments on my education again. On the other hand, I hardly feel like I got my money’s worth. I wonder if there is … Continue reading Continue reading

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Want vs. Need

It is taking all my will power, and the scent of cooling peach crisp, to stay awake. It has been a long day. I was gently woken from my sleep at 6am by the sound of Isis barffing. She has … Continue reading Continue reading

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Step One…

I’ve found all the encouragement and direction I need to write my novel! How to write a best selling fantasy novel Continue reading

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Meme Sunday

It is a rainy Sunday morning here at The Pond. quanta and I were planning on attending the local Ukrainian festival (an Irish girl and a Chinese boy, imagine how we’d stand out), but it looks like the weather won’t … Continue reading Continue reading

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End of Week Two

Two weeks of work done, and things are still going well. I made a couple of mistakes this week, ringing in two debt purchases as cash, which threw the float count off at night. But they were easy mistakes to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Remember Who You Are

When quanta and I were in the early stages of our romantic relationship, I told him that I would convert to Catholicism if he wanted. I rationalized this on many different levels. At the most basic, I wanted to please … Continue reading Continue reading

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Sidhe Shots – Water

This week’s Sidhe Shots theme is water, continuing the element theme of past weeks. Below is a picture I took of my favourite corner of High Park’s Grenadier Pond. Quite often there are several ducks, and the occasional geese and … Continue reading Continue reading

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