Witches Weekly – Dreams

I know that a lot of Wiccans and Pagans put a great deal of store into the prophetic abilities of dreams, but I am not one of those. I have vivid, colourful dreams every night, many of which I can remember for many days afterwards, but none have come true. I have dreamed of shopping trips so real I looked for the items when I woke up, I have dreamed of murders so awful I was afraid to go back to sleep, and I have had gentle dreams where nothing much happens at all.

Witches Weekly – Dreams

Do you believe dreams are ever symbolic?
Yes, I do believe that dreams are symbolic, in that they use symbols from one’s life to create some sort of a story which may or may not make sense. As to whether I believe that they can be prophetic, I would have to say that in general I don’t think they are. I think, like Tarot and other divination tools, the symbols used in dreams can bring to one’s attention some aspect of the current situation that one isn’t aware of (or are ignoring). And when that particular situation plays out the way one now expects it to, it seems as if the dream predicted it.

How do you interpret dreams? Do you feel some are scenes from past lives? Future premonitions? Hidden thoughts and feelings?
To me, dreams are nothing more then my brain trying to sort itself out. I often dreams things that make no sense or have no bearing on the real world at all. None have ever felt like scenes from past lives or hints of the future. Although, I did tend to have dreams centering on school during the last few weeks of August, but these continued for a few years after I was done school, so I think it was nothing more then my brain feeding of all the school symbolism out there in the world.

What do you feel was your most symbolic/meaningful dream?
I don’t think that I have had any particularly symbolic or meaningful dream. I did once have a dream that would make a wonderful plot for a novel, but I have yet to begin writing it.

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