Dream City

Most nights I have very strange and realistic dreams. Sometimes, when I wake up, I’m not really sure if what I dreamed really happened or not. But I think the weirdest thing about my dreams is that I seem to have somehow developed a whole dream city. In the middle of a dream I will often find myself in some area of a city, on a bus or walking, that I know very well because I have dreamed of being there before. The city seems to be mostly based on Hamilton, where I grew up, bit it has elements of other cities where I have lived a visited. And then there are things that exist nowhere, like a thin bridge high above the city that leads out to a beach of some sort.

I dreamed I was in this city again last night. I knew exactly where I was and what was around the next corner. It seems to me that I almost know this city better then I know Hamilton. And sometimes I am well aware that I am dreaming, yet the dream continues. I often wonder if this is normal.

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