Finding My Style

I think that finding one’s own style, whether it be in fashion or home decor, can be a very difficult thing. We are limited by the items that are available in stores, and also by the perceptions attached to specific styles. For example, just because I am drawn to modern interpretations of Victorian style, as well as classical music, doesn’t mean I am old fashioned or stodgy. And just because I can’t stand country styles that doesn’t mean that I don’t treasure a simple home life.

I often find myself bending, as it were, to fit what I find in stores. I wear clothes that aren’t quite me, buy gifts that aren’t really right, and (most especially) surround myself with scents that just seem a little wrong. Sometimes I wish I could get things that are just right for me. Clothes that flow and fit my shape, and the perfect blend of vanilla scent.

I want to be me, but I sometimes find it difficult to discover what “me” is when none of the items I buy seem right. Maybe I should stop shopping? 😉

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