Once More…

So, I’m making yet another attempt at the whole lose weight thing. Now that summer (and the hot weather) is here, I know that my slowly increasing size is making me very uncomfortable. And, besides, isn’t being over weight a type of harm? I.e. a harm the Rede says that we should not do.

My inspiration this time is a little more then just what I see in the mirror. I’ve found a wonderful, free site called SparkPeople that essential does what eDiets and other pay sites do–provide meal plans, exercise suggestions, and lots of support. There is even a pagan oriented message board or two, full of inspiring women who are making wonderful changes.

More inspiration came by way of Jeremy Zawodny, who details his 2005 diet changes on his blog: Deit Tips or How to Lose Weight with a Spreadsheet and a Web Site. Again, good advice and it is all free.

I really do want to stick with it this time, and make healthy lifestyle changes.

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