A Knight with a Ghost

Yesterday I trekked over to my so-of-LNS to take an ornament finishing class with Nancy Cline. It is a pretty long slog to get there and back, but the tips and tricks I learned, not to mention my fabulous finished ornament, made the long day totally worthwhile.

Nancy walked us through all the steps required to finish an ornament fabulously, from creating a template, to cutting and gluing the foam interior, to adding the hanger and trim.  I chose to finish my Medieval Miniature piece from a class I took with TW in 2008. Here’s the finished product (as always, it looks much, much better in person, very nice and puffy).

Camelot Miniature by Teresa Wentzler

I love the little trick Nancy showed us for covering up where the braid for the trim meets.

Ribbon covering braid ends

I’ve already started to assemble my ornament finishing kit. I need to get some super tacky glue, foam, matte board, tooth picks and a few other odds and ends (and there is nothing like an excuse to by some fabric!), before I get started.

On Friday, totally forgetting that I was taking an ornament finishing class on Saturday, I finished up Starlight Ghost from Mill Hill. It is done in the standard way, but now I really wish I had waited. Still, I am happy with it. I wish I had bought all the rest of the ornaments in this series, since they are so cute.

Starlight Ghost by Mill Hill

And a little update on my September goals: one pair of slippers is done; the ornament and sock clubs are on hold since the printer has lost its mind completely (I do have the yarn picked out for the socks; for the ornaments, I’ve decided to wait until I get this year’s ornament issue before I make my final picks); the Terrapin Lace Socks have been replaced by Clapotis and I am past the halfway point with it; and lastly, I have started TW’s Playful Kittens and hope to have more done before the end of the month. I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

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