A Knight with a Ghost

Yesterday I trekked over to my so-of-LNS to take an ornament finishing class with Nancy Cline. It is a pretty long slog to get there and back, but the tips and tricks I learned, not to mention my fabulous finished ornament, made the long day totally worthwhile.

Nancy walked us through all the steps required to finish an ornament fabulously, from creating a template, to cutting and gluing the foam interior, to adding the hanger and trim.  I chose to finish my Medieval Miniature piece from a class I took with TW in 2008. Here’s the finished product (as always, it looks much, much better in person, very nice and puffy).

Camelot Miniature by Teresa Wentzler

I love the little trick Nancy showed us for covering up where the braid for the trim meets.

Ribbon covering braid ends

I’ve already started to assemble my ornament finishing kit. I need to get some super tacky glue, foam, matte board, tooth picks and a few other odds and ends (and there is nothing like an excuse to by some fabric!), before I get started.

On Friday, totally forgetting that I was taking an ornament finishing class on Saturday, I finished up Starlight Ghost from Mill Hill. It is done in the standard way, but now I really wish I had waited. Still, I am happy with it. I wish I had bought all the rest of the ornaments in this series, since they are so cute.

Starlight Ghost by Mill Hill

And a little update on my September goals: one pair of slippers is done; the ornament and sock clubs are on hold since the printer has lost its mind completely (I do have the yarn picked out for the socks; for the ornaments, I’ve decided to wait until I get this year’s ornament issue before I make my final picks); the Terrapin Lace Socks have been replaced by Clapotis and I am past the halfway point with it; and lastly, I have started TW’s Playful Kittens and hope to have more done before the end of the month. I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

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10 Responses to A Knight with a Ghost

  1. Missy Ann says:

    Congrats! That TW ornie looks fantastic. And the ghost ain’t too shabby either. 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    Love Medieval Miniature, I’ve got it on my to do list

  3. Zeb says:

    Love Medieval Miniature and I have to ask how how did you work the covering for where the braid and trim meet? I’ve been sitting here staring at the pic trying to figure it out!

  4. Pauline says:

    Ooh, an ornament finishing class! My least favourite part of making something is the finishing and your finishing looks beautiful.

    Any chance Nancy wants to come to Australia?!

  5. Annie says:

    Both ornaments look great. The TW piece is so detailed in such a small area. I love it. And I’m also curious about that covering where the cord ends meet. That always stops me from doing this type of finish.

  6. Giovanna says:

    Congrats on the two finishes, they’re both great!

  7. Erica says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the ornament class. I knew you would! You did a great job on MM.

    There’ll be great fabric buying opportunities at the Festival too. Save a little $$ for that! 🙂

  8. Dani says:

    Wow looks fantastic! I’m so sure that class was worth it!

  9. Blu says:

    Awesome finish! MM is so detailed for such a small piece. The ghost is adorable!

    I’ve always avoided cording since I’m never sure how to get it to match up.

  10. Margaret says:

    It must be great to take an ornament finishing class as this is something I just stumble through.
    I love how your TW piece turned out.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.