12 Days Torture

One of my goals this year is to stitch Joan Elliott’s 12 Days of Christmas for my mom. It is a big piece, and I do have a lot on my plate this year (and I would absolutely love to add more,  like Chatelaine’s new Chinese Mandala Garden), but I was pretty confident I could manage it.

And then I opened up the kit. (I bought the kit because the chart is $12+$5US shipping, and the kit was $24CAN. I changed out the aida for linen.)

The chart is tiny! The symbols are cramped in their little grid squares, so much so that some of them look like they run into the grid lines. And, just to make things fabulous, the printing isn’t particularly dark. And that means blowing it up with my scanner/computer makes it just look like a photocopy of a photocopy. Blech.

I have, however, made a little bit  of progress.

12 Days of Christmas (Day 1 WIP) by Joan Elliott

There is a good ending (or middle) to this story. I contacted Design Works, and they are sending me an enlarged chart. Hopefully that will make stitching this design the pleasure it should be.

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