Greta and Some Ice Cream

Recently I took part in a toy exchange on Ravelry. Actually being ahead of the game for once, I sent my package out early, and it has already been received, which means I can show what I made.


Greta and Scooped

The cat is Greta the Captivating Cat from Rebecca Danger (etsy pattern shop here), and the ice cream cone is Scooped by Em-En of i like lemons (pattern info here).

Greta is knit from Estelle Cloud Cotton, and is super soft. I mainly followed the pattern for her, with a few minor changes (like closing the gap between the legs, stuffing as I went, and grafting her head closed). And, instead of trying my surface embroidery skills, I used 12mm safety eyes and nose for her face. I absolutely want to make another one for myself.

The most interesting change, construction-wise, was that instead of knitting her nine stitch tail in the round (which would have been a fiddly mess dpns falling out of the yarn), I did an eight stitch icord instead. And then, I picked up the 9th stitch from the ladder in the cord (since 8 stitches doesn’t make a clean icord). I ended up with a perfect nine stitch tube, and I was totally delighted.

Picking up stitches for Greta's tail

Scooped was an easy knit that I did as per the pattern, using Bernat Satin. It was meant for the receipt’s little girl, so easy care was very important. And, to make it even more fun, I put in a rattle insert.

Ice Cream!

It turned out so cute that I want to make a few different styles to add to the little man’s play food collection.

I have one more exchange out there in the wilds of the postal system. Hopefully it will arrive soon so I can show another project I’m really proud off.

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