I’m still in the mood to stitch smalls.

Snowflake Ribbons, from Cherrywood Design Studio

My latest finish is Snowflake Ribbons by CherryWood Design Studios. It is stitched on either Enchanting Lair’s Wind or (the old) Silkweaver’s Summer Breeze. Either way, it is a 28ct. 😉 I used the listed WDW for the teal and the listed Crescent Colours for the white, but substituted DMC 3371 for the GAST Espresso Bean.

I followed the chart, or perhaps I should say I followed what the chart meant to say since the colour key was completely wrong. Thankfully, it was easy to figure out what colour was supposed to go where based on the cover picture. If you have this chart yourself, double check your colour key. It should be:

• Snowball (DMC B5200)
X Espresso Bean (DMC 3371)
o Island Breeze (DMC 597)

I contacted the designers, and apparently I was “lucky” enough to get one of the very few first runs of the chart. The vast majority of the charts out there will have the correct colour key.

I also added an extra row (two threads) in each ribbon space. I felt like the ribbon looked too squished up to the lines of Island Breeze. It might be because, even though I used the called for 28 count fabric, I picked a hand-dyed that had been washed and most likely had shrunk a little bit.

So, I’ve got two more CherryWood Design Studio ribbon designs to go. After that, I think I will work on Jeanette Douglas’ My Story Needlebook. That should get me up to the Creativ Festival, when I will be swimming in new projects again! 😀

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  1. That is adorable!! Congrats on the finish!