Theme-a-licious – September

What? I missed Theme-a-licious too? Really? Where has my mind gone?

So, September’s theme is Smalls. Hey! I’ve been stitching smalls all along. It’s almost like I knew what I was doing. (Don’t be fooled–I didn’t.) So, with that in mind, here is where I’m at on my latest CherryWood Design Studios’ piece.

Love Letter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

This is Love Letter Ribbons, and I’m stitching it on Enchanting Lair’s Parchment. I’ve made a couple of mistakes on it, which is why the stitching has been going a bit slow. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done in time for Valentine’s Day. I might not actually get it finished into anything by then, though. 😉 The threads are as per the chart, with the exception of using DMC 3371 for the dark brown (which is actually charted as WDW Mascara, but I liked dark brown better with my fabric).


In other news, tonight is Curriculum Night at the little man’s school (the fancy new name for “Meet the Teacher Night”). Cross your fingers that she only has good news for us. C has told us some stories of another boy punching him, and I’m hoping that it has gotten worked out and that C isn’t the instigator (it would surprise me if he was, since he tends to be one to sooth people, rather than lash out).

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2 Responses to Theme-a-licious – September

  1. LOL! Your subconscious knew all along. =)

  2. Those heart buttons are adorable! Good luck with the Parent/Teacher interview – I am sure that all will be well.