Christmas is quickly sneaking up on us all, and I’ve got a pile of things I need to get done. Unfortunately, I’ve managed to injure my shoulder again. I tore it very badly about 13 years ago and it didn’t heal right. Every once in a while it gets badly hurt again, often from something as simple as rolling over on it wrong when I’m sleeping. And that leads to days of pain, and sometimes even a numb hand if I manage to pinch a nerve. Couple that with the fact that I now have hand pain when using inflexible metal knitting needles and, well, I’m just a mess.

So, right now I’m working on trading away my metal needles and replacing them with wooden ones; finishing up a shawl on metal needles; knitting a dead fish hat for the little man on wooden needles; and mostly just trying to baby my hand while still getting things done. With luck, my hand will be back to normal by the weekend, assuming I let it rest a little more.

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4 Responses to Injured

  1. Erica says:

    Oh No! Take it easy Heather – don’t over do it! You don’t want to go away on holiday while injured! Get better soon!

  2. Anny P says:

    Sending you all my sympathy. A few years ago – actually it was Boxing Day, I was ironing something with my brand new iron, and I knocked it off the table – what went through my mind was ‘Oh no, I’m not going to break my new and very expensive iron” – or words to that effect – and so I reached down and grabbed it in mid flight. Needless to say, although I did manage to avoid ruining the iron, I did huge damage to my shoulder and narrowly avoided a serious burn. So sending you a massive virtual hug – shoulders are tricky beasts – hope it calms down soon.

  3. Giovanna says:

    Ouch – best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. Oh that sucks. I hope you recover quickly. We missed you last night.