Hands and Feet

I’ve been knitting for hands and feet lately. The other week I finished a pair of leggings for a little girl (no pictures, sadly), as well as these gloves:

(Pink) Green Thumb Gloves (it is way to hot to even wear these for a picture)

(Pink) Green Thumb Gloves (it is way to hot to even wear these for a picture)

The pattern is Green Thumb by Diana Foss (available from Ravelry for US$2.50), and the yarn is Rowan Organic Cotton DK  in colourway Brazilwood. I actually knit a pretty cardigan out of this exact yarn a few years ago. I can’t wait until I am small enough to wear it again.

Lily Cardigan

Lily Cardigan

The stripes in the centre are from having to combine two different dyelots. It is much less noticeable in person.

I also knit another pair of Everyone Outta the Pool by Jas Chawla. (Used to be available through Ravelry, but not currently available.) Just like the last pair, these ones are knit from Panda Cotton in colourway Circus. And, sadly, these ones won’t be living with me either. They are on their way to New Zealand. But, I will be knitting yet another pair for myself, in a different colourway. I really like how the heel is worked, and I can’t wait to have a pair to wear myself.

Rainbow socks for happy feet!

Rainbow socks for happy feet!

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3 Responses to Hands and Feet

  1. Laura says:

    Love the gloves!

  2. Linda S. says:

    Your knitting is awesome. Love the color of the socks.


  3. Susan says:

    Very cute socks and I love the gloves – I have a pair of those at work and use the year round (we have a terrible heating/cooling system).