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I’m still working away on La Pensée Positive from Les Marottes de Nathalie when I’m not busy knitting socks, looking for a new house, or doing any one of a hundred things that aren’t stitching. 😉

Happiness - WIP

La Pensee Positive – WIP

I’ve finished up section one and two, and I’m happily 😉 working away on section three. There is a row of wee sheepies at the bottom of this section, which I think I will stitch using some fuzzy thread.

A pretty, happy lady

A pretty, happy lady

While I’m stitching this, I am trying to bring to mind things that make me happy. I’m also thinking about how I can do things differently in order to follow the advice of this piece. I’m not the world’s happiest person, but you could almost say that striving (and failing) to achieve happiness is a hobby of mine. I’m a big fan of Grechen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. I also enjoy reading other books about happiness, and I do things like journaling in an attempt to discover what makes me happy.

Speaking of journaling, you may remember that I had a giveaway for some guided journaling goodies from Adventures in Guided Journaling a while back. Well, Christie has just released some new journaling packages in her etsy shop, and moved her blog to a new URL. Why not check it all out? (She is a really lovely lady, and her journal pages are super great too.)

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