Smalls SAL – February 2017 Check-In

Hello, Smalls Stitchers! It is check-in day again! February is such a short month, and it feels like almost no time has passed at all since the last check-in. In fact, I almost didn’t get my small done in time!

Before I share my small, I just wanted to update you on the link list situation. The company I was using for the link list has discontinued their yearly subscription and increased their monthly subscription price significantly, meaning my yearly cost for the link list was going to grow a lot. So, I am trying a similar link list product from a more cost effective source. It works pretty much the same way as the old one, but the form will look different. It is still secure (your email address will never be displayed or shared; it is just to help limit spammers and give me a way to contact you if there is a problem or you win the year-end draw). If you have any comments, concerns, or problems with the new link list, please email me. I’m always happy to help.

Now, on to my small!

Holiday Harmony Trumpet, designed by Mill Hill

I’ve finally finished up the Mill Hill Holiday Harmony series! I stitched the first one, the harp, some time in 2007 or 2008 (I can’t find it in my records nor do I seem to have a picture of it), and the other three during 2015 and 2016. And, finally, Trumpet is finished! Yay! It is stitched as per the chart using the materials in the kit. I can’t wait to hang them all together on my Christmas tree.

What have you stitched this month? I can’t wait to see! Head down to the bottom of this post and add your link to the new link list. It will remain open to new entries until about midnight on Friday, March 3rd at about midnight Eastern time. So, if you are like me and running a little behind this month, don’t worry! You’ve still got some time.

Please remember to use the permalink for your Smalls entry and to use a picture of your small as your thumbnail.

Please consider also posting your small to Instagram and/or Twitter using #smallssal2017.

Next Month

The next Smalls SAL check-in will take place on Friday, March 31st.

Thank you again, very much, for taking part in the Smalls SAL!





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