Chart Errors

Cross stitch designers do a wonderful job of making sure that their patterns don’t include errors. However, once in a while, the odd error does sneak in. On this page, I’ve made notes about some of the errors I’ve come across. Where possible, I’ve linked to my finish piece.


Enchanting Lair

Jade Dragon Accessories

The first problem you will notice with this chart is the needlebook on the front cover. It is actually backwards. Laura Dickson told me she made a wee mistake when stitching the model, and put the book together so that the spine is on the right rather than the left. Not a big problem, but it may give some confusion when finishing. (My finished piece has the spine on the left.)

The next issue is with the materials list. Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid 5012 Shamrock is listed, but it is not used. It is, however, used in the companion piece Jade Dragon.

Once Upon a Stitch Medieval Journal

There are a couple of errors in the materials list on the back of the pattern. DD133 Jindabyne is listed, but it is not used in the pattern. However, DD132 Rose Bay is not listed, and it is needed. As an aside, I went with the chart’s suggestion of using Rainbow Gallery Petite Braid PH01 instead of Kreinik #4 Vert Fine Braid 002 Gold. It is so much easier to work with.

Note that in my finished version, I used different beads for the main section of the cover (because I ordered the wrong ones…) I also changed the title, using an alphabet from a Teresa Wentzler sampler.

JBW Designs

Autumn Trio

In the middle pumpkin, the symbol that looks like the bottom half of a circle is not included on the colour code. It should be a filled in heart, which is Sampler Thread’s Bittersweet or DMC 721.

The other issue is with the leaves that the bottom of the pumpkin pile. If you compare the front cover model with the pattern (or your stitching) you will see that there are more wholes in the pattern. I filled in with colours that I felt looked good. Some greens here and some oranges and yellows there, until I was satisfied with how it appeared. The real problem is that the picture on the front cover is reversed, which is why your left won’t look like the left on the cover.

Lynne Nicoletti

Divas Paper Dolls: Cleopatra

Cleopatra is perhaps my favourite historical figure, so I loved stitching this design. There is a small problem with the materials list: Kreinik Blending Filament 032 Pearl is missing. It is used with the white rayon on Cleopatra’s Egyptian dress.

I would also suggest instead of attaching the magnet to the front of the paper doll, place it between the cardboard backing and the paper doll sheet. Everything will still stick, but the magnet will be hidden!

Marie Barber

Happily Ever After

There are a few problems with the colour key in the chart for this design. They are:

  • The check-mark symbol in the chart should be stitched with DMC 472.
  • The X with the dot in the centre should be stitched with DMC 3011.
  • The Z with a line through the centre should be stitched with DMC 597.


Maneki Neko Biscornu

I love this super cute biscornu! There is a small problem with the chart for Side B. The top left flower is offset incorrectly. The bottom of this flower should be two squares above the border, like the other three flowers.

Teresa Wentzler

Miniature Winter Sampler

There are a few errors in the chart. First, the @ symbol in the over one section around where the man’s tie would be should be S, DMC 414. Next, backstitch instructions for the over one section are missing. Backstitch the woman’s hat in 318, the faces in 840, and the man’s hat, all skate blades, and the lantern in 413.

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