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Little Froggie

My little man is starting to get to the age where he isn’t so interested in toys that I can crochet or knit for him. I’m a bit disappointed that I did make more crochet dinosaurs or more clothing for … Continue reading

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Pretty Kitty

I’ve expressed my huge respect and admiration for PlanetJune in the past. She comes up with really fabulous animal crochet patterns, and I adore them. Her most recent set of patterns are cats. I’ve stitched up one of the patterns, … Continue reading

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Cowl Complication

It is amazing how much of a difference moving just 30 minutes north makes. The morning temperatures are about 2-3°C colder up here than in the city, and it sure makes a difference in the morning. Poor little man hates … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs

My goodness, the year sure is moving fast. Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? Thankfully, I have the little man’s Easter basket goodies well in hand, but I haven’t started decorating yet. But, I have been … Continue reading

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Basset Hound

I’ve been crocheting again! Here is a lovely little basset hound: The pattern is from PlanetJune (who else?). And the yarn is Bernat Satin. The picture is terrible. I used some very harsh winter afternoon sun. The colours are actually … Continue reading

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Firefox isn’t just a great web browser, it is also a super cute little animal. The firefox is also called a red panda, and is found only in a small area of the Himalayas and China. The web browser, on … Continue reading

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Didn’t You Used to be a Pterodactyl?

I think I understand a bit now why older people say that the modern world confuses them. I mean, since I was a little girl the world has changed to much. Not only have personal computers spread everywhere, but countries … Continue reading

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