I Love My Cat Substitutions

This is a super cute little design, but I didn’t want to go out and buy a bunch of Weeks Dye Works colours just to stitch it up. So, I took a look through my stash to see what I had available. Here are the substitutions I made. Please note, these are not direct colour correlation. They are just similar colours I had in my stash that I thought looked nice.

I Love My Cat by Brittercup Designs

I Love My Cat by Brittercup Designs

WDW Kudzu and Dried Sage (“I” and “My”) – WDW Blue Spruce

WDW Onyx (cat) – DMC 3371

WDW Honeysuckle (small heart) – Crescent Colours Sassy Brass

WDW Hibiscus (inner large heart) – Crescent Colours Crab Cakes

WDW Aztec Red (outer large heart) – Crescent Colours Cupid

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One Response to I Love My Cat Substitutions

  1. Catherine says:

    This is so sweet, I love cats and this is a great design.