Letter H Conversion

I love Nora Corbett designs, but sometimes I’m not overly keen on the colours she uses. A case in point is her Letter H fairy from her Letters from Nora series, which as designed features a fairy in a yellow dress standing on a smoky grey letter. Yellow is one of my least favourite colours, so I knew I had to make some serious changes.

Here is the result (nearly done, just missing some beads, see below).

Letters from Nora - H by Nora Corbett

Letters from Nora – H by Nora Corbett

For the cross stitches I made the following changes:

  • Smoke becomes Cool Azul
  • Amber Waves becomes Plum Paisley
  • Cobbled Peach becomes DMC 754
  • Eve’s Leaves becomes DMC 471 + 472
  • Vintage Violet becomes Cloud (this means that the wings do not change colour where they cross the letter)

For back stitch I made these changes:

  • Wisconsin Woods becomes Hickory Sticks
  • Smoke becomes DMC 3799 for the vines and Cool Azul for the letter flourishes

And the beads where changes like this:

  • 02019 becomes 02024 for dress hem and wings and a matte, grape-purple for the hair and flowers (they are Mill Hill beads, but I don’t know what colour number)
  • 02045 becomes 02022
  • 12147 becomes 12209

The fabric is a Silkweaver solo, 32ct. Lugana.

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Letter H Conversion

  1. Hazel D says:

    Oooh I love your conversion and as it’s “my” letter I may have to add this to my wish list for my next stitching shopping spree.

  2. Tammy says:

    so happy you posted the colours you used absolutely hate the yellow and I want to make this for a friends daughter!!