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Teresa Wentzler is my favourite cross stitch designer. I’m sad that she has retired from designing, but I rejoice in the fact that she was a very prolific designer. She has published approximately 250 different designs, ranging in style from epic fantasy dragons, to delicate Victorian ladies, all the way to gorgeous samplers. A stitcher that isn’t afraid of 1/4 stitches, blended needles and confetti stitching is sure to find a TW design they will love.

I’ve been lucky enough to collect or borrow every single publicly available design that Teresa Wentzler has released. To the best of my knowledge, I am only missing a couple of designs that were only available to students who took classes with her at the Creativ Festival (formerly the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’d like to say thank you to Christine of Christine’s Journal for lending me the last three magazines I needed and the bargello design, and Missy Ann of Deep Inside Missy for lending You Were Hatched so I could stitch it for my son’s room.

Leaflets and Magazine Designs

4 Sale
The 12 Days of Christmas – 1 (completed, no picture)
The 12 Days of Christmas – 2
The 12 Days of Christmas – 3
The 12 Days of Christmas – 4
The 12 Days of Christmas – 5
The 12 Days of Christmas – 6
The 12 Days of Christmas – 7
The 12 Days of Christmas – 8
The 12 Days of Christmas – 9
The 12 Days of Christmas – 10
The 12 Days of Christmas – 11
The 12 Days of Christmas – 12
ABC Bunny
Above the Clouds
A Touch of Holly – Fan Ornament
A Touch of Holly – Tree Ornament
A Touch of Holly – Squares Ornament
A Touch of Holly – Star Ornament
A Touch of Holly – Heart Ornament
A Touch of Holly – Bell Ornament
Alexander & Abigail (aka Amanda) – Alexander
Alexander & Abigail (aka Amanda) – Abigail
Along Life’s Way
Angel of Frost
Angel Procession
Animal Ornaments (aka Christmas Animal Wreath) – Bunny
Animal Ornaments (aka Christmas Animal Wreath) – Goose
Animal Ornaments (aka Christmas Animal Wreath) – Pig
Autumn Welcome
Birth Announcement
Brilliant Plumage
Camelot Sampler
Carousel Goat
Carousel Horse
Carousel Horses for all Seasons  – Spring
Carousel Horses for all Seasons  – Summer
Carousel Horses for all Seasons  – Fall
Carousel Horses for all Seasons  – Winter
Carousel Rabbit
The Castle
Castle Ridge
Castle Sampler – stitched by someone else and given to me as a gift
Cat & the Flower Box
Celestial Dragon
Celestial Sun
Child’s Heart
Celtic Inspiration Collection – Band Sampler
Celtic Inspiration Collection – Unity
Celtic Inspiration Collection – Knowledge
Celtic Inspiration Collection – True Greatness
Celtic Inspiration Collection – Ornament
Celtic Knotwork Crosses – Bellpull
Celtic Knotwork Crosses – Purple cross
Celtic Knotwork Crosses – Blue-Green cross
Christmas Ornaments – Cloisonne Fruit – apples
Christmas Ornaments – Cloisonne Fruit – cherries
Christmas Ornaments – Cloisonne Fruit – grapes
Christmas Ornaments – Cloisonne Fruit – peaches
Christmas Ornaments – Cloisonne Fruit – pears
Christmas Ornaments – Cloisonne Fruit – plums
Christmas Ornaments – Byzantine Glass – 1
Christmas Ornaments – Byzantine Glass – 2
Christmas Ornaments – Byzantine Glass – 3
Christmas Ornaments – Byzantine Glass – 4
Christmas Ornaments – Byzantine Glass – 5
Christmas Ornaments – Byzantine Glass – 6
Christmas Sampler
Christmas Teddy
Christmas Wreath
Day Lilies
Delft Flowers
Delightful Dragon Fob
Diamonds in Squares
Dragon Ride
Duck Family
Egyptian Sampler
Elf & Flower
Elf & Teddy Bear
English Cottage Sampler
English Garden Sampler
English Garden Welcome
Faithful Friends
Fantasy Sampler
Fantasy Triptych
Father Winter
Fire Dragon
Floral Bellpull
Floral Bouquet
Flower Quartet
The Fortunate Traveler
Four Season Faeries – Spring
Four Season Faeries – Summer
Four Season Faeries – Fall
Four Season Faeries – Winter
Fruit Bellpull
Fruit & Floral Wreaths – Spring/Summer
Fruit & Floral Wreaths – Fall/Winter
Fruit Quartet
Gentle Creature
Geometric (Pincushion)
Gingerbread House
Grazing Bovines
The Guardian
Happy Holidays
Harvest Sampler
He Who Indulges Bulges
Heart Sampler
Hearts & Squares
Holiday Jar Lids (aka Gifts to Share) – 1
Holiday Jar Lids (aka Gifts to Share) – 2
Holiday Jar Lids (aka Gifts to Share) – 3
Holly and Ivy Sampler
In a Garden
Joyous Noel
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 1
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 2
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 3
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 4
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 5
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 6
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 7
Knotwork Bookmarks I – 8
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 1
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 2
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 3
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 4
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 5
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 6
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 7
Knotwork Bookmarks II – 8
Lady of Shalott
Legends of the Dragons
Legends of the Spellcasters
Lily Maiden
Mademoiselle Mimi
Magical Night
Medieval Miniature (aka Camelot Miniature)
Merry Christmas Cat
Miniature Autumn Sampler
Miniature Spring Sampler
Miniature Summer Sampler
Miniature Winter Sampler
The Minstrel
Morning Glories
Needle Guardian
Noah’s Ark Sampler
Old Barn
Oriental Poppies
Paisley Corner – Red colorway
Paisley Corner – Blue colorway
Peaceable Kingdom
Peacock Majesty
Peacock Tapestry
Pennsylvania-Dutch Heart
Persian Floral
Playful Kittens
The Princess and the Dragon
Regal Peacocks
Rocking Horses – Chestnut
Rocking Horses – Trotter
Rocking Horses – Misty
Rocking Horses – Dancer
Rocking Horses – Diamond
Rocking Horses – Sweetheart
Romeo and Juliet
Rose Tree in Bloom
Sewing Seeds of Friendship, Hope and Love
Shepherding Companions – Goosegirl
Shepherding Companions – Shepherdess
Snoozing Bear
Spring Celebration
Square Mosaic
The Storyteller
Stroke of Midnight
Sun Dragon
Tapestry Cat
Tea and Tarts (aka Tea Scene)
Think Snow
Thistle Sampler
Tole Heart
Topiary Trees
To Everything there is a Season
Tracery Dragons
Treetop Sampler (aka Birdhouse Bellpull)
Tropical Dream
Tulip Basket
Under the Evergreen
Victorian Elegance – Fan
Victorian Elegance – Heart
Victorian Elegance – Nosegay
Victorian Portrait
Weather Vane
Wedding Sampler
Winter Keep
Woodland Angel Stocking
Woodland Faerie
You Were Hatched


Freebie Designs

Beginner Whitework Ornament
Celtic Cross
Celtic Inspiration Ornament
Dragon Rampant
English Cottage Sampler Ornament
Father Winter Ornament
Jeanne Love’s Angel
Intermediate Whitework Ornament
Knotwork Bookmark
Peacock Tapestry Ornament
Renaissance Bookmark
“Stretch” the Magic Dragon
“Tempest” in a Teacup
Tropical Daydream


Class Designs (unavailable elsewhere)

Bargello Basics (my version was converted to DMC floss)
Cutwork Compass Rose
Holly and Ivy Ornament
Jacobean Floral (will not be seeking this out, as I can’t work with wool)
Overdyed Odyssey (Side 1 and Side 2)
Sparkling Hearts
Wool Cross and Beyond (do not have and not actively seeking out since I can’t work with wool)

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you.

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5 Responses to TW Projects

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  2. Joanne P says:

    WOW! What more can I say! I love Teresa’s work too. I’m so pleased that 2012 will be “her” year on your blog, I’ll be following closely.

  3. Lynn Hull says:

    I’m glad to see there are more die hard fans of teresa Wentzler still around. What a wonderful collection of hers you have and some gorgeous stitching you have done

  4. Zeb A. says:

    Heya 🙂
    Couple of us on the Teresa Wentzler FB group decided to have a TW Tinies SAL next year. I immediately remembered your project and thought you might be interested in taking part.

  5. Christine says:

    Here is a link to my finished and framed Cutwork Compass Rose:

    And my finished Bargello Basics:

    I’ve set both of those to be public, so everyone should be able to see them.