Castle Sampler

I thought I would share another one of the needlework pieces I have collected. My love of Teresa Wenzter’s designs is so well known that even my knitting friends know about it!

Teresa Wentzler’s Castle Sampler

That is a finished Castle Sampler that a very lovely lady sent to me. It was stitched by her mother. But, this lady was moving back to South America and wasn’t able to take a lot of things with her. She knew, though, that this piece would find a very loving home with me.

I just adore this moon!

I haven’t yet got it frame because I don’t have the wall space for it right now. And, I figured it would be easier to keep it safe if it wasn’t in a frame. I can’t wait for the day that I can put it on my wall! (I’d love to have a castle-y craft room one day. Full of my TW designs and other pieces like the Medieval Sampler from X’s and Oh’s.)

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