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Smalls SAL – July 2018 Check-In

Hello, Stitchy Friends. Can you believe it? The Smalls SAL post is up on time. (I know many of you are located overseas so it seems a bit late to you, but I’m on Eastern time and it is still … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday – Spider Web

Hello, Stitchy Friends! It is work-in-progress Wednesday again, and I hate to have to admit that I didn’t achieve any of my stitching goals this week. 🙁 I stitched a lot, but just not on the Christmas stocking. I decided … Continue reading

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Don’t you just hate it when this happens? You finally make it all the way around the border only to discover you are out by one stitch, one row, somewhere back in the middle. It is always the middle where … Continue reading

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Smalls SAL 2014 Recap

First, I’d like to say thank you very, very much to all the stitchers who stitched along with me during 2014. I know I’m terrible at leaving comments on blogs (I never know what to say!), but I looked at … Continue reading

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Smalls SAL – July Check-In

It is Smalls SAL check-in time again! I don’t know about you, but for me July has just sped by. We are less than two weeks from our closing date on the new house, and there is so much left … Continue reading

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Running Out

I have mixed feelings about kits. On one hand, I love being able to get started without having to fuss around gathering supplies. On the other hand, I seem to run out of floss all the time. It must be … Continue reading

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Turtle Trot – January 2013

Today is Turtle Trot update day. This month I’ve been focusing on Carolyn Mitchell’s Creative Persuasion, and I think I’ve made some good progress. There is actually some stitching with one thread in the middle section, but it is very … Continue reading

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