Don’t you just hate it when this happens?



You finally make it all the way around the border only to discover you are out by one stitch, one row, somewhere back in the middle. It is always the middle where you make the mistake. It is even worse when you find this problem in a project that you’ve put away for a while. Never, ever put away a project with a mistake. Your future self will be very disappointed with you.

How do you handle this? Do you fudge it? (Not possible in this case, sadly.) Do you neatly pick out all the stitches and maybe even try to save the thread? Or, like me, do you grab the scissors and ruthless cut all the stitches that need to be removed? Being careful to make sure you are cutting the right ones, of course. 😉

Lots of fluff.

Lots of fluff.

These is something oddly satisfying about pulling out all that thread.

And it is all fixed.

And it is all fixed.

And there it is, all fixed.

The pattern is Celtic Charm from Enchanting Lair. The colours is my pictures are really off. :/ Now that I have the mistake fixed, hopefully I will have it finished soon and then I will take proper pictures. 😉

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13 Responses to Argh!!

  1. Dima says:

    Thankfully I never had WIPs that I put aside for long periods. When I make a mistake, I usually unpick it as soon as I find it and put the piece aside to work on something else. That way when I go back to working on it, I will have forgotten all about the frog 🙂

  2. Diya says:

    Ugh! I hate when that happens. And yes… It always has to be somewhere in the middle! O how the stitching gods conspire against us! 😀 I’m glad you managed to fix it. Can’t wait to see what your finish will look like 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Been there. Sympathies! I was very relieved when the borders of my current project all matched up. I’m doing two instances of Delightful Dragon Fob for two friends. I have all 4 borders done on the same fabric. They aren’t very big, after all.

  4. Joanne P says:

    Oh how really frustrating and annoying!

    Do you know the tip about always starting next to a vertical thread? That way you will know instantly if you are one thread out. Doesn’t help if you are two threads out but that can be easier to fudge!

  5. Joanne P says:

    Ignore me, when I looked again I saw you were actually two threads out! So my tip wouldn’t have helped,

  6. Heather says:

    Ouch that drives me nuts lol. I try to fudge it if possible. If not I try to reuse the thread unless it’s a lot in which case ripping it is 🙂

  7. Pamela says:

    I do hate when that happens. I have very little patience when I make counting mistakes and more times than not, I put it away and start something new! Even though I know it will be harder to find and fix the mistake when I pull it out the next time, that’s what I usually do.

  8. Meari says:

    When there’s a lot to frog, I do like you and take the scissors to it.

  9. Kate says:

    Oh, poor Heather! I’m so sorry that happened. I know your pain; I was picking out stitches earlier today. I’m so glad it worked out for you; I admire your patience.

  10. Kim says:

    I’m with you- ruthless. ;0)

  11. CJ says:

    That happened to me yesterday, I was finished and noticed I needed to pull out have the stitches in including the border. I binned it and started again. Fortunately, it is a very small project. I feel your frustration.


  12. Anna says:

    You handled that well!

  13. I always hold my breath when I get close to where borders *should* line up. It is a small triumph when they do. I am not very good at fudging, so I will either pick it out or cut – just depends on my mood and how far I have to go back.