Theme-a-licious and WIPocalypse?

You might have noticed that I haven’t been doing Theme-a-licious and WIPocalypse posts lately. I was pretty good about keeping up with both of these SAL all year, but now I’ve sort of run out of things that fit the theme. For example, this month’s Theme-a-licious is about finishing up things that are nearly done. Well, I do have a lot of those, but unfortunately, working on Christmas gifts has to come first.

As for WIPocalypse, sure I have piles and piles of WIPs to get through. But, I’ve been working on my Creativ Festival projects, not my old WIPs.

I hope to be back on track in December. I’m hoping that by the time I return from my vacation that all I will have left to work on is one Christmas gift. Then I can dip into December’s theme: work on anything at all!

In the meantime, there is a look at what I’ve gotten done on MarNac Designs’ Anniversary Santa. Sadly, he won’t be done for Christmas this year.

Anniversary Sampler by MarNac Designs

TUSAL and Theme-a-licious

Monday was TUSAL day, but I was still too disorganized and tired from the Creativ Festival to get my act together. However, my wee ort collector is full of my bits from the Creativ Festival.

TUSAL mini ort container

And my big jar is getting fuller all the time!

Jar o’ Orts


It is also Theme-a-licious time. I did miss the post at the beginning of the month (truthfully, I’m swamped with all the work I have to do for my Coursera classes and it totally slipped my mind), but I’m trying to get back on track. So, October is for obligation stitching. Well, I don’t have any of the right now. Although, I bet in a couple of weeks my mom will ask me to stitch a Christmas ornament for someone. lol! And I really should figure out what I’m going to make for C’s teacher. (Any teachers out there care to share what they like to get for Christmas?)

Theme-a-licious – September

What? I missed Theme-a-licious too? Really? Where has my mind gone?

So, September’s theme is Smalls. Hey! I’ve been stitching smalls all along. It’s almost like I knew what I was doing. (Don’t be fooled–I didn’t.) So, with that in mind, here is where I’m at on my latest CherryWood Design Studios’ piece.

Love Letter Ribbons, from CherryWood Design Studios

This is Love Letter Ribbons, and I’m stitching it on Enchanting Lair’s Parchment. I’ve made a couple of mistakes on it, which is why the stitching has been going a bit slow. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done in time for Valentine’s Day. I might not actually get it finished into anything by then, though. 😉 The threads are as per the chart, with the exception of using DMC 3371 for the dark brown (which is actually charted as WDW Mascara, but I liked dark brown better with my fabric).


In other news, tonight is Curriculum Night at the little man’s school (the fancy new name for “Meet the Teacher Night”). Cross your fingers that she only has good news for us. C has told us some stories of another boy punching him, and I’m hoping that it has gotten worked out and that C isn’t the instigator (it would surprise me if he was, since he tends to be one to sooth people, rather than lash out).

Theme-a-licious and WIPocalypse Updates

So, my goals were to finish Teresa Wentzler’s Cutwork Compass Rose and work on the humbug bag canvaswork. Yeah…

Ack! Ran out of braid!!

On the plus side, as I posted the other day, I did work on the small canvaswork ornaments I’ve had on the stretcher bars for months. And since I finished one of them, that definitely counts for WIPocalypse. (Check back here for a picture.) The third (and final) ornament is as far along as I can take it until my new spool of #12 braid arrives.

And, since I am such a beginner at canvaswork, all of this totally counts for August’s Theme-a-lcious too, which was to try to stretch ourselves. So, yay!

Theme-a-licious – Compass Rose Silks

Time for a Theme-a-licious update. This month I’m working on Teresa Wentzler’s Cutwork Compass Rose because I’d like to challenge myself by doing more hardanger/cutwork. And, I think it is coming along nicely.

Cutwork Compass Rose, designed by Teresa Wentzler (WIP)

I just managed to finish up all the parts that required the Honey Bronze Gloriana silk before running out. I really cut it close, partly due to a mistake I made earlier. I’m so glad I squeaked through with enough though, since Gloriana is $8/skein up here. Yikes!

The next step listed in the pattern is the cutwork. However, I’m planning to just do the borders for the cutwork and then move on to the specialty stitches that fill in the other areas. Once that is all done, I’ll come back to the cutwork. Since I always work in hand, I’d much prefer to keep the fabric as intact as possible for as long as possible.

I don’t think, though, that I will meet my goal of finishing this up this month. I just got part 2 of Lizzie*Kate’s Very Scary, and I’m happily working on it right now. Check out my Twitter feed for a wee picture.