TUSAL and Theme-a-licious

Monday was TUSAL day, but I was still too disorganized and tired from the Creativ Festival to get my act together. However, my wee ort collector is full of my bits from the Creativ Festival.

TUSAL mini ort container

And my big jar is getting fuller all the time!

Jar o’ Orts


It is also Theme-a-licious time. I did miss the post at the beginning of the month (truthfully, I’m swamped with all the work I have to do for my Coursera classes and it totally slipped my mind), but I’m trying to get back on track. So, October is for obligation stitching. Well, I don’t have any of the right now. Although, I bet in a couple of weeks my mom will ask me to stitch a Christmas ornament for someone. lol! And I really should figure out what I’m going to make for C’s teacher. (Any teachers out there care to share what they like to get for Christmas?)

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1 Responses to TUSAL and Theme-a-licious

  1. Annie says:

    Cute ort collector. Did you make it?