Basically Bargello

I love trying new to me needlework techniques, and I especially love it when they are simple and fabulous when finished.

Bargello Basics, designed by Teresa Wentzler

This is Bargello Basics by Teresa Wentzler, a class piece from the 2009 Creativ Festival. Sadly, that was the year Teresa Wentzler was ill and unable to attend. I wasn’t signed up for the class, since she was using wool, which I am very allergic too. However, a friend of mine did sign up for the class (which was actually cancelled, but Teresa mailed everyone their kits), and was kind enough to lend the chart to me. (Thanks, Christine!)

I took the samples of Appleton wool from the kit and tried to figure out DMC equivalents to them. The sections in mine that are in shades of blue were actually shades of orangy-red in the original design (you can see Christine’s finished piece here). If you are interested in my colour conversion, send me a note.

Overall, I’m pleased with the finished piece, although I think I would have got better coverage if I had used wool. Four strands of DMC does a pretty good job, though, especially from a distance. (Six strands was too heavy, in my opinion.)

So, that is another WIP done, and another TW finished too. I’ve still got lots more to go though, and, of course, there are two more designs that use wool that I haven’t even got in my collection.


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8 Responses to Basically Bargello

  1. That turned out really well. I like the colour substitution.

  2. Giovanna says:

    Beautiful conversion, and great stitching – congrats!

  3. What a lovely piece! I really like your color changes, too.

  4. Gen says:

    oh that’s pretty 🙂

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  6. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful finish!

  7. Joanne P says:

    I love bargello! It’s so quick and easy but looks amazing. I love the blue you’ve used.

    Thanks for the link too. I really liked the cushion your friend stitched later in that post!

  8. Anny P says:

    That’s a really classy piece and I think using DMC works very well indeed – I love the sheen it gives. Well done.