Falling Short of Gold

Sadly, my Olympic Ravellenic dreams did not come true. I’ve run out of the main colour yarn for my¬†Isle of Trucks sweater. I do have more coming, thank goodness, but it will be a while before it arrives.

Isle of Trucks sweater – WIP

There it is, up to the armpits. I took the time to weave in all the ends and seam the armpits, so it is looking pretty good. Sadly, I ran out of the blue yarn just a row or so before I could start the colour work that doesn’t require it. Oh well, I’d still need more for the collar, so there is no point thinking about it.

Thankfully, this project still qualifies for the Cast-On Mania Trap Shoot event, which just requires a project to be 1/3 complete. At about 3/4 done, I’m happy enough to enter it there. And the next time the Ravellenic Games roll around, I’ll make sure I’m better prepared.

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