Very Scary Spoilers

If you are working on the Lizzie*Kate mystery Very Scary and you don’t want any spoilers, don’t look any further!

An owl and a stamp?

Usually I’m not very keen on mysteries, since I am so darn picky! But I’ve wanted to stitch a Lizzie*Kate Halloween design for ages. (One day I will get around to getting Halloween Rules! or Boo Club!… maybe.)

Very Scary by Lizzie*Kate – Part 1

So, I splashed out on the whole kit – the fabric, WDW thread, the extra fabric for the freebie chart, everything. I caught the husband at a weak moment (he may  have been mostly asleep at the time…). And I’m so glad I did, because so far I’m really enjoying the design and I love the look that the over-dyed threads give.

It looks like Part 2 will have a verse, based on the teaser picture on the Lizze*Kate blog. Hopefully it will be something fun or scary. Either way, I can’t wait to stitch more!

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