Smalls SAL – November Check-In

We’ve made it to the penultimate check-in! (I’m glad so many of you love that word as much as me.) You are all doing great, whether you’ve stitched 11 pieces with me so far, or if this is your first one. It doesn’t matter; finishing in itself is just great!

Happy Holidays!, designed by Teresa Wentzler

Happy Holidays!, designed by Teresa Wentzler

This month I stitched Happy Holidays!, designed by Teresa Wentzler (I bet you would never have guessed that). Again, I was missing a colour (what happened to the full set of DMC I used to have?!). But, I was able to find it in a kit and solider on. Yay!

What did you stitch this month? I can’t wait to see! Please leave your link in the form below, and please consider leaving a comment and visiting some of the other participants. Thanks!

2015 Smalls SAL – Yes, the Smalls SAL will be returning next year. All the details and the sign-up form will be posted on Friday.

December Check-in – The final check-in for this year will be on December 31st. Yes, New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry, I will leave the form open until January 10th. After that, I’ll close the check-in form and do the draw. I’ve put together what I think it is a pretty nice prize, and I hope the winner agrees. 😉

Don’t forget to come back on Friday to sign-up for next year!

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15 Responses to Smalls SAL – November Check-In

  1. Heather says:

    That small is adorable!

  2. Lynn Jones says:

    I love your ornie!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that TW design before. It’s so sweet!

  3. Blu says:

    Very lovely finish!

  4. Linda says:

    Great design Heather. Where did you find the chart.


  5. Angela Ng says:

    wow.. looking very festive already.. 😀
    Happy Holidays too.. 😉

  6. sheryl says:

    Pretty Christmas design

  7. Anna says:

    Pretty ornament. I actually stitched and finished an ornament this month but the recipient hasn’t received it yet, so I will have to wait to share it.

  8. Dani says:

    Sooo nice to see some of the older TW’s stitched!

  9. Elunia says:

    Pretty Christmas design :))

  10. Susan says:

    Love your Happy Holidays!! I have managed to stitch 11 smalls so far this year! It was a close thing as I missed one month, but made up for it the next with two finishes.

  11. Joanne P says:

    Another great small from TW. I have done well again this year. 22 smalls plus 32 if you the Spooky Countdown individually! Only 2 more to go.
    I have probably done some other smalls too but these are the only ones I am including in this SAL.

  12. Giovanna says:

    What a pretty finish – congratulations!

  13. Sandy Longan says:

    Very cute Heather. Just love the cozy fireplace.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin’
    Hugs, Sandy

  14. Suz says:

    I had never seen that one stitched up. Congrats, it is adorable!

  15. Nesta says:

    This is so pretty! Lovely design and your stitching is perfect. It looks tiny and is full of detail!