The Stockings Were Hung

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Back to stitchy matters! As you may or may not remember, I’ve been busy working on a Christmas stocking for my dad for the past year. I started it back in November 2015, and I put the final stitches in about a month ago. But, like always, I was really worried about my ability to sew it up nicely, so it has been sitting in my craft room for several weeks. Christmas waits for no man, though.

All Hearts Come Home Stocking, designed by Dimensions

The design is All Hearts Come Home Stocking from Dimensions. It is a kit, and I used all the included materials. The biggest change I made was to leave the wording off. (You can see how it should look here.) I also added a lining to it (the instructions in the kit do not include adding a lining). It is backed with the felt included in the kit.

The Stockings Were Hung…

So far I’ve completed three stockings: one for my mom, one for my dad, and one for the little man. (It does have his name on it, I’ve just removed it for this picture.) I’ve still got two more to go, although I haven’t decided if I will stitch one next year or take a year off.

Stockings and Christmas Tree



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