Good Things Come in Threes

This past week as really good to me. On Sunday night, at 11:40pm, quanta asked me to marry him. I am so very, very happy that we are engaged. And to top it off, he gave me the most beautiful diamond and emerald ring I have every seen.

The second good thing was getting back to work. I’ve been unemployed since I left my assistant manager job at Electronics Boutique last June. (It’s a bit of a long story about way.) I’ve finally found a retail job I think I can do without my brain falling out of my ear. It’s only part-time, but that’s okay. My quest to find a job that uses my education continues, but without much hope.

And the third good thing… well… I hit 500 posts on Aeclectic Tarot forum. Okay, it isn’t as great as the others, but I can use my own pretty like icon now.

My mom also came down for a visit this past week. She was almost as excited as I am about me being engaged. Maybe more so! We had a nice visit, and I was very glad to see her. But between her visit, my new job, and reading every wedding book I can get my hands on, I haven’t had time for much else. This week, hopefully today, I will get a few more things posted on the site.

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