quanta’s Mom

Last night quanta called his mom to let her know that we are engaged. She didn’t approve, which really comes as no surprise. She thinks we aren’t ready, that we don’t have enough money, etc. Sometimes I get really annoyed with the emphasis that his family places on money. We are just a few years out of university, and already quanta makes more money then my mom and dad combined. Sure, we come from two different social classes, but money isn’t everything.

Anyway, listening to quanta’s end of the phone conversation, I was left feeling like some sort of gold digger. She seems to think that I am taking advantage of her only son, and doesn’t realise that we really do love each other. I wonder if us being in love is important to her at all. I am really very upset about all of this. If his mother doesn’t approve, she really can make my life difficult, or at least try too.

At least now we have a good idea that they won’t help us with the wedding itself. I can start planning things based on that.

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