Getting Credit

I participated in another game beta test during the summer. I can’t mention the title yet, but it is an absolutely fabulous game, and I really enjoyed playing it. Okay, I got a little bored once in a while. And occasionally I got annoyed when I was nearly finished a five or six hour game and a new patch came out, rendering my game unplayable. But those are the “joys” of beta testing. Two good things came out of this experience though – first, testing really is what I want to do. Second, I go my name in the credits! Wheeze! I don’t think I’ve been credited in any of the other games I’ve tested. I’m glad that I was able to help make this game better, and I hope it does wonderfully well when it hits the stores. Be sure to buy it, the game with the name I don’t think I can reveal yet. 🙂

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