The Early Arrival of Autumn

It’s funny how the start of September heralds the beginning of Autumn, even though it’s still some twenty-odd days away. There usually isn’t a significant change in temperature from Labour Day to September 2nd, yet is seems like Autumn has begun. The kids are back to school, business are starting to get busy again, even TV seems to awake from its summer slumber. Looking out my window, I see that even the leaves have begun to change, and I no longer hear the buzzing song of the cicada when I stop to listen.

September also feels a bit like the beginning of the year to me. I think that might be the influence of so many years at school. I figure I spent about nineteen years in school, all total. That’s nineteen Septembers where the world did seem to start fresh. New teachers, new friends, new things to learn. This is my third September not returning to school, yet I still feel a bit of that “new year” feeling. I’ve picked up my books to study again – for those certifications I keep putting off. I’ve dusted of my datebook and pulled out my journal.

Autumn has become a time of reflection for me. This is especially true when the Wheel turns closer to Samhain. Right now is the time I begin to pull the pieces of my life together. I pick up projects that were forgotten in the heat of summer. I write about some of the things that happened. And I think, a lot. Soon I will being to put things together, to reflect on what I have done this year, on how far I have come. I wonder what I will discover.

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1 Responses to The Early Arrival of Autumn

  1. Kat says:

    Oh I totally agree! September for me brings a whole new outlook on life. I not only can be a mother but I can also have a little bit of a life for myself. New Day New Visions!