Two Weeks Notice

I’ve given up! I can’t stand another minute at my job. For goodness sakes, when you go shopping, remember that the store employees are people too! If you aren’t going to buy something, don’t have the employees take down every package looking for something, or monopolise their time when the store is full of people. Be courteous! And don’t come into the store five minutes before closing if all you are going to do is browse. The employees would like to get tidied up for the night and head home to their families.

I’ve also given up because this job just isn’t challenging enough. Retail not challenging, surprise. I’ve got a good education and I’m pretty smart, but I just can’t find job in my field in this awful city. (Well, it’s not that awful. I’m just frustrated by the lack of work here.) I hope quanta makes up his mind about moving closer to TO soon. I’m going crazy here. This city is supposedly my home, but I don’t feel at home. And the uncertainty of not know how long we will stay here is getting to me. Argh!

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