Gifts From the Wallet

I had a pretty nice day today, which is surprising if you know that I went to a mall. Of course, the mall I went to is all but dead. It’s sad really. The hallways are all decked out in their holiday finery, but there are few customers there it enjoy it. There is a Santa’s village, which sat empty today. More then half the storefronts are empty, although they often hold displays for one of the few stores that are still open. But, it was sort of nice to be able to go to a mall this late in December and not be trampled by some harried mother looking for the toy that junior just has to have. The people who were there actually smiled at me. It was lovely.

I think this is the way holiday shopping should be (minus the empty storefronts, of course). Why do so many people rush around trying to find the perfect gift that will likely be forgotten in a matter of weeks? How many of us can remember everything they got last year? What about everything we gave? Actually, I can remember everything I gave, because I made most of my gifts. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to spend time making gifts for others, and I love seeing their reaction when they open them. But… I get the feeling that sometimes they aren’t appreciated. Which is why I didn’t cross stitch something for my friend’s wedding this year, and why I may not make gifts for Christmas next year. I guess that is why so many of us buy useless things. If they are forgotten or under appreciated it doesn’t matter, since we didn’t have anything to do with it beyond paying for it. Very little love was involved, and certainly a lot less time then would be required to make an elegant, personalized gift. 🙁 Blah!

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