…And Another Begins

It is a new year, and already things aren’t off to a good start. It is one of those days I wish I hadn’t got out of bed.

The morning started of pretty well. I was up early, did a bit of yoga, worked with my Tarot cards, and wrote in my journal. Nice, soft things, to ease in the new year. Well, this afternoon has been crap, to put it lightly. More stuff going on with CFFN. It will all work out for the best, I’m sure. But, right now, it is a little much. Anyway, quanta and I have also been fighting (as much as we ever fight) about finding a new place to live. We have to move because of his new job, and it will cost a good deal more to live near TO then it does to live here.

Really, I just want the stress to go away for one day. But, that is obviously to much to ask.

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