More on the Move

I hate moving. Almost nothing is done. The living room is pretty much packed, and every room has been sorted and cleaned. But no movers are booked and we still don’t know what date we can move it. Obviously not until the 1st. quanta is trying every way he can to save some money, and in the process stressing me out even more. I am so close to just walking away and letting someone else deal with the packing and moving. I’m almost to the point that I don’t care if my stuff gets moved. I’ll take this computer, the cat, and maybe a few knickknacks and call it a day.

I’ve started address changes now that we have a new phone number. Unfortunately, Canada Post needed to be notified ten business days before the move. So, we have a week of mail limbo. You’d think in the age of computers and address changes added by the internet that they could do it sooner. There wasn’t even an option to call someone and request a quicker change. Heck, I’d have paid double to get it done faster.

Anyway, updates will be all but nonexistent until we get moved. I have so much to do this week, beyond staying sane. Packing, reading a book, doing research for an essay. Sadly, there isn’t much time for spiritual pursuits. Maybe if I was something, I don’t know, better or something, then I could find time. But I’m not and I can’t.

Oh yeah, the new people haven’t been approved to sublet yet. 🙁

And, damnit, I want cable when we move! 😡

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