Moving On

quanta and I are still “talking” (read arguing) about where we will live. (We don’t yell when we argue, there are just a lot of long pauses and the occasional tear on my part.) I don’t think my requirements are too bad. I want air conditioning, on site laundry (although on suite would be ideal) and cats allowed (or at least furry babies). And, most importantly, I want to live somewhere safe. quanta says no problem, as long as it is cheap. *sigh* (At least his idea of cheap isn’t all that bad, really. He is a man who likes quality.)

Really, I am excited about living in TO, irregardless of the high (for Canada) murder rate and the gang violence. I’ve just grown use to smaller cities like Hamilton and London. It will be wonderful to live near a great museum and art gallery, my favourite restaurants, and some really neat shops. Oh, and the World’s Biggest Book Store! But, I can’t help but feel a little worried because I don’t do well in crowds anymore, and TO is one big crowd. I know I will adjust, but I am so nervous.

I’ve also agreed not to get cable or satellite as soon as we move. I’m going to see how I do for a little while without it. I have a huge movie collection, which should help keep me entertained. And really, there are a hundred things I could be doing other then sitting in front of the TV… like finishing some PlayStation games. Wait… Like reading books. 😉

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  1. kat says:

    Nice redesign 🙂 TV? Playstation? Books, yes!!! I’ve not watched alot of tv lately either and have thought long and hard about canceling satelite. Maybe we can go through withdrawls together *L* Good luck on finding a place, wish I had air conditioning! (can I come too?) LOL