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Grammar Course

I have found a grammar course to take through Barnes and Noble University. It looks interesting, and I hope it will be more helpful then previous courses that I have tried to that through this site. Continue reading

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Day at the Spa

My day at the spa was fun, but quite different from what I have experienced in the past. The spa I have gone to previously was a little place in Stoney Creek. My mom goes there fairly often for massages, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Thoughts on the End of May

I almost find it difficult to believe that May is coming to a close. Time seems to move faster the older one gets. I remember that, as a little girl, April, May and June just crawled by. It felt like … Continue reading Continue reading

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Unconscious Mutterings 69

Today is Sunday, so that means it is time for Unconscious Mutterings. Lover:: quanta Ridiculous:: Comedy Oscar:: de la Renta (Remember the Barbie he designed?) Tennis:: Racket Account Balance:: Low Hickey:: I knew a girl with that last name, but … Continue reading Continue reading

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Lily of the Valley

Yesterday morning I walked over to the library to pick up my reserve of Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver. (An excellent book, by the way, if you happen to like scientific science-fiction set in the past.) The gardens along my walking route … Continue reading Continue reading

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Witches Weekly – Altars & Shrines

Witches’ Weekly has been updated again. Here are my answers. Altar/Shrines Do you have an altar/shrine? I don’t have a permanent altar or shrine, mostly out of respect for quanta’s religious beliefs. Just as having a crucifix on the wall … Continue reading Continue reading

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Being Feminine

My Daughters of the Moon deck arrived today. I am just tickled pink with it. Although it is strongly feminist (without being overly political), I am finding myself very comfortable with it. It is almost like it is giving me … Continue reading Continue reading

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