Witches Weekly – Altars & Shrines

Witches’ Weekly has been updated again. Here are my answers.


Do you have an altar/shrine?
I don’t have a permanent altar or shrine, mostly out of respect for quanta’s religious beliefs. Just as having a crucifix on the wall would make me uncomfortable, me having a shrine would make him uncomfortable. Relationships are all about compromise. I do, however, have a pretty box in which I keep all my altar items. It sits on a shelf in my bedside table, and I am well aware that it is there.

If you do, what objects do you have placed on it and are any of them homemade or natural objects (ex: feathers, rocks, crystals)?
All the items in my altar box are manmade, and none have been made by me. Really, that makes me a little sad. I am working on a cross stitch piece to use as either a central picture or altar cloth. I would also like to obtain a few nice crystals, but the stores I have contacted are out of lapis. Other then that, I haven’t found any natural items that call to me. I think that the items needs to feel right. I won’t add something just so I have something handmade or natural.

If you don’t, (you can answer this if you do have one as well) do you have an area where you focus on your spirituality?
I also have a few places in the house that make me pause and reflect for a few moments. I suppose these could be seen as mini-shrines. One is the laughing Buddha on my writing desk. Although I don’t feel that Buddhism is a good mix with Wicca, there are elements that are useful–such as mindfulness or the reminder to laugh once in a while, which I see embodied in this wee Buddha. Also, my small indoor garden is a sort of shrine to nature.

How do you feel when you are settled at your altar/shrine (or area)?
I feel at peace when I set out my altar items or pause at my mini-shrines. The day seems to stop for a few moments. I is very nice.

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3 Responses to Witches Weekly – Altars & Shrines

  1. Hello,

    I came upon your site via About.com Pagan/Wiccan blog list.

    I love your layout and style. This is a wonderful place… hope you don’t mind if i stop by again from time to time.

  2. Silverlotus says:

    Welcome! You are more then welcome to stop by whenever you’d like. 🙂

  3. Shell says:

    Hi Silverlotus,

    I surfed on to your site from Greenwitch. I like it and I wanted to share about my altar. I have an altar right near my window. I have a happy budha and angel on the top level with elements from for earth, wind, fire and water.

    On the bottom level I have some crystals, my father’s ring and my tarot cards and mermaids/dolphin cards. It is on a floral pillowcase. I have my candles and incense around it as well.

    I prop of my cards of the day on it as well. I like to sit and read by my altar. And my cat, Mabel loves to sit there as well. People know it’s an altar when they come in my bedroom. They mostly think it’s cool.

    Just wanted to share with you. Have a magical day.