Be Mindful of the Happy Time

Southern Ontario is getting an extended taste of summer this week. Today, we’ve hit a high of about 27

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3 Responses to Be Mindful of the Happy Time

  1. Jarred says:

    I know what you mean about the mindfulness. It can be quite difficult to keep up with it, as I know from my past attempts to do so. It’s too easy to switch back to “running on autopilot” for so many things. But when you do remember to be mindful, it’s amazing all the things you notice. Like you said, it’s quite vivid.

    Of course, the last time I practiced such mindfulness, I realized that I really don’t care much for the taste of bagels. 😉

    (And yet, I still eat them from time to time. What a dichotomy I can be some days….)

  2. Marc says:

    I hate summer, I never complain about winter because I make myself remember the heat. I prefer spring and autumn to the rest. 😉 Two weeks ago we broke a 100 year old record heat here, east coast atlantic….

  3. JaeL says:

    “to pay attention to and savour everything”…

    What more can be said.