Parents Really Are People

There is one more day of my visit to my parents’ left, and although I miss quanta more then you can imagine, I am very glad I came. I’ve always had a fairly good relationship with my parents. Even after I left home (very quickly, and not on the best of terms) we still stayed close. Now that I am living only an hour away, as opposed to the two and a half hours previously, I’ve seen my parents much more often. They have popped down for an afternoon of browsing in Ikea, or to take us grocery shopping (since we have no car), or just to stay for dinner. They love quanta, and our relationship has gotten better.

These past two days I’ve had a couple of really good talks with both my mom and dad, separately and together. We’ve talked about things like the religious up bring of the child I plan to have some year soon, the way kids dress these days, how Canada handles diversity, mixed marriages, etc. My dad and I had an excellent talk about owning one’s knowledge, and being able to take the risk of stepping beyond the safety of being a beginner. My mom and I have gone plant shopping so that I can try my hand at an indoor garden again. (No rose this time, so as to hopefully avoid spider mites.)

I love my parents, and I think that I am able to more clearly see them as real people now. They don’t seem so old anymore, and I am also more able to respect the decisions they made in life, even if I don’t always agree with them. It is funny the insights that a short trip home has given me.

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  1. Marc says:

    Small things usually do (change us)…