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It is a rainy Sunday morning here at The Pond. quanta and I were planning on attending the local Ukrainian festival (an Irish girl and a Chinese boy, imagine how we’d stand out), but it looks like the weather won’t be co-operating. And I was so looking forward to fresh perogies and potato pancakes. I was also going to wash our windows today, and I will admit to not being the least bit sad that I won’t be able to.

On to the memes!

Witches Weekly: Politics

Do you feel those with pagan beliefs should attempt to take more of a political stand?
I have very strong feelings when it comes to Pagans and political action. I don’t feel that our religion(s) should be used to further political motives, nor do I feel that if one is Pagan than one must be political.

A religion is a personal spiritual path, not a route to political power. If you choose to support causes that are in line with your religion, such as environmental protection, please don’t say you are doing it because you are Pagan. Instead, say you are doing it because you believe in the cause. Unless the Goddess comes down to you and says out loud that you must do X because you are Pagan, then your political motives are not part of your religion.

*sigh* That being said, part of the reason I gave blood was because of my religion, because my religion shapes my morals. My spiritual path has taught me to try to give back when I can, so giving blood made sense. But the main reasons for my giving blood were because it was needed and I had lots to spare.

Is paganism openly accepted where you are from? (city,town,state?)
The religion of Wicca is recognized in Canada, and Paganism in general is fairly widely accepted. We don’t have the same level of religious homogeneity here as the U.S. seems to have. I have friends from many different religions and many different ethnic backgrounds, and all are accepted to varying degrees.

However, when you get to the personal level, there are always people who don’t accept “other” religions. For example, my new bosses would probably be quite upset if they discovered I was Wiccan since they are very devote Christians. And quanta’s friend Juice is also very devote, and most days you can tell that he isn’t sure about me. But since our society is a mosaic, and diversity is encouraged, Paganism of most types is accepted.

Given your beliefs, what’s one thing that a political figure could promise to you about your path, that would convince you to vote for them?

My political and spiritual beliefs aren’t really tied, so the short answer would be “nothing”. But, as I mention above, since my morals are informed by my faith, I would say that if a politician provided a plan to truly fix health care and other social programs then I would vote for him or her.

Witches Weekly

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 82

  1. GAME BOY:: Mario
  2. Biopsy:: Breast
  3. Attack:: War
  4. Convention:: Established
  5. Jewels:: Emerald
  6. Genetics:: DNA
  7. Impostor:: Fake
  8. Doug:: las (as in Douglas)
  9. Arbitrary:: Random
  10. Oscillate:: Fan

Unconscious Mutterings

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