Stupid with Money

I’m a little disappointed at myself this month. I got a job and then I went on a spending spree. My VISA bill is ridiculously high, and I have to start making student loan payments again by the end of the month. I don’t expect any sympathy, since I know some of you are much worse off then I am. In fact, I’m not really poorly off at all. I just can’t control myself when I get a little bit of money. I bought things I didn’t really need, like an MP3 springboard for my Handspring and a pretty bag with some Selina Fenech artwork on it.

I’m not going to be able to pay my bills this month. quanta is going to have to help me, again. I’m really sad about this, and I have learned a couple of important lessons. First, I shop when I’m sad, which means that I shouldn’t carry my VISA with me when I know I’m feeling down. I should go to the museum instead, since I have a membership and there is nothing to spend money on there. Second, I need to learn to handle my own money better. I pissed away a stupid amount of money this month, and I have very little to show for it–a couple of new gadgets, some clothes (which I did need), makeup (which I didn’t need, but had a coupon that expired), the bag, and more then $50 worth of books. I didn’t really need any of it. I have got to change my spending habits if I ever want to pay off my student loans and repay quanta for all the help he has given me. And, most importantly, I don’t want to have children until my loans are paid off. At the rate I’m going, I will be 40! No more stupid spending!

Of course… I’ll glad take donations and gifts from my wish list. 😉 Just kidding!

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  1. Ari says:

    I fully understand…and fight that battle everyday. Just yesterday, I consoled myself from a very bad morning with a trip to Barnes and Nobles. Okay, eveyrthing I bought…I will read and keep, but still! I’m definitely a “shop when sad” type of person. Why not do as I do….alot yourself a small bit for “sad days”, I have a little stash that I use when I just “must shop”. If you include “shopping” in your budget, then you will have plenty for bills as well. Oh…and try to convince yourself that paying bills is just shopping…doesn’t work!